Virtual Lobby Neo Dark Mode, Notification Center & Authorize.Net Payment Integration

You must be always updated on our latest technologies for your live events and webinars. We commend your zeal to host many more successful events using our technology and welcome you to another edition of our product release announcements. Here, you can discover more technologies to leverage. With that stated, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you today! Let’s explore them.

Virtual Lobby Neo Dark Mode

One of the ways to enhance your attendees’ experience at your events is to allow them the stream your content in line with their preference. Colors affect the people feel and relate to things around them; to some, certain colors are relaxing and put them in the best position to interpret information. We know that switching your streaming environment from light to dark and vice versa, can give this appeal. There’s a new switch in the Virtual Lobby that allows you to choose between Normal and Dark Modes. With the ability to enable the Dark Mode variation for the Neo Layout on Virtual Lobby, attendees who prefer to stream in a darker mode would enjoy their streaming experience better. Stay tuned for more updates because we will be releasing the Light Mode soon!

Notification Center Now Available on Virtual Lobby

We know that being on top of your event management process as an event planner is key. Part of this requires a consistent communication process and staying abreast with your attendee information, budgetingflight management, and accommodation, amongst other necessities. Typically, you’ll be busy 24/7 and that’s why you need a system that will communicate important information with precision. The Notification Center has been created to update you on all your event management workflow. We also decided to compact the Language Selector into a smaller menu right next to the notification center, so you can customize the notifications to be relayed in your native language

Explore the Payment Gateway!

Live Events are back to normal and what a great to hope on the trend with a strategized cash inflow system. Monetizing your events just got easier with a click. With the Autorize.Net payment integration gateway, you can synchronize with your credit card just like Stripe. You can keep track of all your ticket sales, as payments from Authorize.Net will be flagged accordingly on the Payments dashboard.

That’s all the updates for today. Don’t hesitate to try out these solutions for your events and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!





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