Virtual Lobby Customization and a spoiler!

Hi there, how are you doing today? Are you looking for the latest news on your event making platform? Well, I got some for you! We have updates for the customization options on your Virtual Lobby and I have a spoiler for something I know you guys have been asking for a while now and it’s coming soon.

You guys know that our goal is to help you make your dream event come true, right? For that, our white-label solution allows you to build your experience just the way you want it using your own brand definitions. In order to give you more capabilities for that, we have added new options to your Virtual Lobby, such as the option to customize tabs (text and icon) inside a session.

Previously, to change the tab title, you had to create a Heading. We migrated all Headings and its translations to our Tab tool and you can customize them with icons, text and translations.

Still on the Virtual Lobby, we have added a popup to help users visualize where they need to grant permission to enable their camera and microphone and removed the permission denied warning when the audio output control is not given. We have also allowed speakers to send chat messages without an approval requirement and optimized the video sharing and the autoplay bypass popup on the Virtual Lobby.

We have also released updates on security related features. Now you have the option to export  email blacklist as excel and we added a secure gate (4-digit code) on Form and Purchase Form (previously it would only lock you out). 

Last but not least, we have optimized the .gif images upload system wide and added support for links on Push Notifications; so now you can send push messages to your attendees with a hyperlink on it and redirect them to your sponsors, store site, conversion landing pages or any other external site you would like to. 


On top of the new releases we added to the platform to enhance your experience, we have also invested time to address some issues. On the Virtual Lobby, we have fixed a problem with double uploading files when double clicking and the link changes when creating shortcuts for specific activities.  

We have fixed a problem with cropping speakers photos and when editing custom fields on Leads and Invites. We also solved an issue with calendar buttons not working on Emails, with the excel report for all comments download, with the room link on Admin Dashboard with a permission profile check for endpoints that demands enrollment or permission on API.


Coming soon: Multiple Audio Channels

More details about this on the following weeks 😉

This is all for today folks, I hope you are enjoying our weekly updates and that you are meeting your goals for events this year! 

Stay connected and come again for more updates soon!






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