Virtual Lobby and Analytics Enhancements

Hello there, how are you today? As usual, we have some new updates to share with you this week. Today we have some clutch releases on the interface and experience of our Virtual Lobby and also enhanced the reports and analytics possibilities.

Come check it out:

One of the features that generate most interactions during a virtual event is the ability to send real time questions to a presenter. InEvent allows you to do that and  we managed to improve this experience. Now you can check questions that have already been answered, removing them from the viewers screen and moving the question up on the line. This visual organization is very useful for your speakers to prevent them from mixing up questions or getting confused.

Still on the Virtual Lobby, we have implemented some other cool things. We added a tracker for some interactions, such as when you open the lobby, a room, a session or a sponsor booth, so you can check your attendees steps and get more analytics from their behavior during the event. We also added audio to the notifications when someone is invited to a call, an option to hide people counters on sessions and sponsor booths tiles and also an (n) indicator on the browser tab when it’s not focused and interactions have happened, such as a new inbox message. Finally we have also created  Online and In Session timeline reports.

In addition to these updates on the Virtual Lobby, we have also added the Tabs configuration page on Event Templates and 7 new icons that you can use for the tabs . We enabled the option to download excel reports of all your sponsors materials and also for an Activity filespollsquestionsfeedback, all aggregated. And, we also created an iFrame API to send analytics data if you are embedding the Registration Form.

Last but not least, we have some news in regards to our integrations. We have created an automatic integration for the Marketo Munchkin Tag and also added Marketo and Salesforce ID Auth on all event pages. The Vimeo integration is now available to be used on the Sponsors Booths, and we have removed the black bars when sharing your video with Tokbox.


Other than these new deployments made to the platform, we also have fixed a few issues this month. There was a language issue that the side menu on the Virtual Lobby was not loading when using the platform in French, and also that websites with custom domains were not following the event default language, but using the browser’s language instead, which are now solved.  

We have also fixed the edits on My Account when email was empty and broken links that would break the layout on Emails using Outlook. There was a problem with the total time when extracting a spreadsheet from the Virtual Lobby and with the opacity of new chat messages that are fixed as well. 

Finally, we have also fixed a few issues with our integrations, such as a layout issue when recording on Video Conferencing mode, another one when ordering Salesforce logs, and with the Marketo program status sync when using a custom program status and also when the email is a duplicate. 

That is all for today folks! Keep sending us feedback directly or in our communication channels and also reviewing us online. All these updates come from you and all of them are made for you!

I hope you keep achieving your event goals with our help and come again next week for more updates! See ya. 






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