Virtual Lobby Accessibility, Loop Cover Videos + More Solutions!

Happy New Year! We trust that your year is off to a great start. It’s back to work o’clock, and we’ve got some video solutions to share with you. We want you to start your year with the right strategies for your business objectives. Consider them our new year’s gift to you!

Virtual Lobby Accessibility

The comfort and satisfaction of your attendees are our priority. Because we know attendees have diverse communication needs, the Virtual Lobyy feature has been optimized to provide options for attendees who are hard of hearing and attendees who are visually impaired. The options are to Mute Sounds and increase Font Size for the visually impaired. To locate these functions, see the 2D human sketch at the bottom right of your screen; click on it, and you’ll see all the tools at your disposal to enhance your event experience.

Loop ‘Welcome’ cover videos and Demand videos

You can configure welcome videos to play until you’re repeatedly ready to start the session. It’s a better way to engage your attendees and ignite their enthusiasm toward your session even before it starts rather than keeping them glued to a static image. 

Join Call Without Camera

We’ve designed our streaming capabilities for low-end devices with bandwidth issues and poor connections to allow attendees to join sessions without the camera. The possibility of joining sessions without a camera also applies to users that don’t have a camera connected to their computer and are suited for the Raise Hands feature. In the future, there will be a camera lock to disable cameras for attendees added to the stage to ask questions.

Added Option to Meet Outside Event Dates on  Meeting Dashboard

The option to join meetings outside the event date makes it easier for admins to access meeting-related tools directly in the Meetings dashboard. We want to implement flexibility in communication so users are not restricted to only communicating within fixed dates but outside the set dates as well.

Start your year right by using these new features to host in-person, hybrid, and in-person events; feel free to share your experience with us. Ensure you create premium experiences with these features and share your experience with us; we’ll love to hear from you! Also, be on the lookout as we’ll release content on our housing and travel technologies soon.

 Have a successful business year!





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