Invitation Status, Registration Form Settings Page & Assistant Emails

Jingle bells are around the corner—you know what that means, right? The year is gradually coming to an end. And so you want to hit all the targets you have set for this year before it ends. You still have time to leverage our video strategies for your in-person interactions. On that note, we’ve got new features that you need to try out. Check them out! 

Modification of Invitation Status

You may not have noticed, but the invitation statuses have always been there. You can view them when inviting someone to a call. When you click the invite icon, it takes 45 seconds before a  reset action is initiated, and you can try inviting the attendee to the stage again. Additionally, a notification will show the reason why the invitee was unable to come on stage, as there are now four possible reasons included.

Re-designed Registration Form Settings Page

We decided to rebuild the Registration Form Settings Page to accommodate our different options in a more organized layout featuring clearer menus. This new settings page also has two brand-new features: Sections and Dividers. Sections allow you to separate parts of the Registration Form into their own group, similar to Ticket Groups. The group you have created features a title and subtitle, which can be sorted and visible when a condition is met.

Similarly, yet distinctive, Dividers are small separations among your questions that divide two questions with a Title and Subtitle. It’s best used for small categorizations within a section.

Ability to Add Assistant Emails

We added the option that allows your attendees to choose their own assistant email during the registration process. You could have attendees who have busy schedules; having them add an email assistant will update your attendee’s calendar with details of your events and set reminders for the event start time. 

Don’t hesitate a second to try out these features and let us know what your experience was like. Stay tuned for more updates, and enjoy the long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!






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