Video on-demand Analytics and My Agenda new capabilities

Hello, how are you? We got some fresh news to share with you today. The platform now has new analytical capabilities and more options to organize your agenda. 

Come check it out:


One of the best ways of taking full advantage of what our platform has to offer is to turn your virtual events into on-demand video content. This is a great way to reach a greater audience and for monetization. Our platform is already built to allow you to do that, but now we have increased the level of analytical data you can get by creating an option to view the percentage of time a session was watched live vs. on-demand.

On Watch %, the green bar refers to the time a certain session was watched during the date and time set for the Activity and the yellow bar refers to the time it was watched after that. The Live watch time reflects the green bar, or the time the user watched during the live streaming. This example shows a video session that lasted around 90 minutes, and you can see users that did not stay for the entire duration of it and a user that only watched the content on-demand. This can be really useful for you to measure the results on both and build the best strategy for your events.

Following up on last week’s release of the calendar invite, we have enhanced this feature by adding an option to split the calendar.ics file into multiple events (one per activity). We have also added data-speaker-id and data-sponsor-id HTML tags, auto-refresh on interactive activities (PollsQuestionsChat) and an option for admins to be able to enable or disable the Polls, all on My Agenda.


Other than these new capabilities we have also deployed a fix for two issues on the Virtual Lobby:

  • When changing the Video Mode of a certain session and the follow up session was on Control Room with an active live stream, there was a big chance that the live stream for the second session would stop silently. Now, this issue is fixed, and this should not happen.
  • When moving people from one session to another, occasionally, it would move people from other sessions to the selected one as well. This issue is also fixed, and this should not happen.

That is all for today. I hope you keep reaching your goals for events this year with us and stay tuned for more news soon. Thank you!





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