Video Conferencing UI optimizations, enhancements on the Salesforce integration and Sponsors interaction.

Hey there, how are you? We have some cool updates to share with you today. We improved the interface for the WebRTC videos, we also enabled the Sponsor's chat to save all the messages and more!

Come check it out: 


In times of home office and virtual events, who can say that never experienced a situation where someone (might have been you!) talking on the camera with the microphone turned off without noticing? Don't worry, we all have! But in order to prevent that from happening to you, we inserted an icon to indicate when muted is selected, right next to the name label on WebRTC videos

We have also inserted a Video Connection is Unstable label when a video is disabled on WebRTC due to bad internet connection

We have updates for the Forms as well. We implemented a ticket setting tool on the Registration Form page to help you sell more tickets for your paid events and also integrated a phone block tool on the Purchase Form. On the integrations side, we added the option to select specific fields for Contact and Lead  on the Salesforce connector.

Last but not least, we optimized the Sponsor Booths adding a persistent chat for saving messages. So, if someone leaves the room and re enters or just joins the room after the session started, this person now will be able to read all the previous messages sent on the chat. The sponsors are also able to retrieve and export these messages even after the event is over, to capture useful information on their leads. 


Furthermore, on top of these new features listed above, we also polished the platform a bit by fixing some issues. We removed the MiddleName variable on the Marketo connector, the Control Room label after a presenter joined a session and the Waiting for Broadcast label that remained on display when broadcasting started for Video Conferencing on Tokbox.

We fixed the issues with cropping an event's cover on My Account & other pages, with the News Feed toggle button located on the top bar, with loading a landing page using the platform on the company level, with the redirection of activity feedback forms, with the ticket removal issue when assigning tickets to sponsors and with the broadcast stop issues on

Finally, there was a minor CSS issue with Tokbox that is now fixed and we reset the Stripe ticket SKU when moving from test to prod accounts. This fixes the mismatch environment error messages.

We are working hard everyday to continue helping you create your dream event! Keep sending us feedback and reviewing us online, it is really important to know what you guys need, to build it for you!

Stay connected and come again for more updates soon!