Video background blur, automatic live streaming layout and more

Hello InEvent user, how is it going? We have some nice updates for you today! Now you can use a blur effect on the background of your video. We also have a very handy new automatic layout option for your live streams and many updates that will enhance your experience with us.

Come check it out:


Some of you guys have been talking to us about being able to do something with the background of your videos. We know that in times of home office, it’s not always possible to have a very differentiated setup. In fact, oftentimes is better to just be safe and have it blurred. That is exactly what InEvent allows you to do now. We enabled a blur effect that you can add to your video and just play safe!

Check it out how smooth it looks:

That is not all! We also implemented a useful new automatic layout option for your live streams. If you select this option, the platform will fit all the presenters on the screen in the best way possible depending on the size of your screen and how many people are there. You can still select the layout you want to use, but if you want the system to do that for you, all you gotta do is click a button! Another cool thing we added to the Control Room is the option to upload an image for the stream player when the screen is idle.

Furthermore, we did plenty of optimizations recently that will help your journey building an event with InEvent to be as swift as possible. We created more options for you to set the rules for joining sessions in your virtual or hybrid events and also enabled an invite button for inviting users to join a session, instead of having to create a new user when inviting them. We also increased the capabilities of running bulk operations for importing tickets to your event or a spreadsheet of waitlist contacts.

On the Virtual Lobby, we added the option to display sponsor booths randomly so you can have a fair and square division of attention between them if you want to. We also added extra sponsor details for their booth and the option to translate a sponsor’s bio to multiple languages. We optimized the Virtual Lobby page view on iOS devices and created placeholders for:

We have news regarding our integrated partners as well. We enabled the integration for the Salesforce Campaign Member Status and improved the resolution for the Tokbox Screen Sharing mode, also inserting an alert popup when someone changes from a pinned stream while sharing the screen. 

Last, but not least, there are optimizations on the messaging as well. We created URL support for the inbox chat and the push notifications, so you can allow people in your event to share links through those channels. Also, we implemented Instant messaging for the chat messages sent from the InEvent Mobile App


Other than these new features, we have also released some fixes to the platform. There was a CSS issue with the menu bar buttons on the Attendees page for smaller screens. We also fixed the duplicated form submissions when changing results, the integration for the Salesforce custom field picklist,  and the calendar link that goes on the emails sent through the platform. We fixed the stretched images on the meetings popup and the test your connection tool to work with Tokbox as well. Finally there were some minor backslashes showing up for certain session titles on the lobby that are now fixed for good.

Many of these updates come from you guys and all of them are for you! Keep sending us feedbacks and reviewing us online, so we know exactly what to create for you. 

We hope you stay connected with us and come again for more updates soon!





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