Troubleshoot Button, Magic Links, Automatic Translations and more

Hello and welcome to another edition of InEvent News. It’s a new week, and new energy to take on projects and excel in them. We’re here to share exciting news, so you can learn about new features that will help you reach your weekly goals. Check it out:

Magic Link on Profile

You can now attach your event and webinar magic link to the speaker’s profile so that speakers can directly join the activity/agenda they are meant to be on.  This is great for large events that require numerous speakers and activities set up within the event. It helps with organization, you can share links on the speaker profile to prevent speakers from going all the way to the Virtual Lobby to find their activity schedule and join the session from there. To enable this, you need to ensure the speakers are linked first. Then it gets easier from here. You can then view the speaker profile by heading over to Event > Speakers > then click on any speaker of your choice and you should find the information underneath their profile.

Troubleshoot Button

Who needs to struggle with technical difficulties when you can make the Troubleshoot Button your personal IT technician? While we’re not anticipating a glitchy streaming experience, it is important to install a system that helps resolving technical issues promptly. This is the reason InEvent is committed to developing strategies that create seamless broadcast experiences. If you ever have difficulty with your audio or camera, try clicking the Troubleshoot action buttons to see if it fixes your issue. If it doesn’t work, a modal with a text area will show up so you can describe the issue in more detail and send it to our support team.

Automatic Translations

As you already know, InEvent is a video-first solutions provider to clients across the globe. And as such, language plays a significant role in shaping how we communicate with our clients and how our clients communicate with their attendees. Because we know our clients have a global reach, we’ve launched a multilingual channel that translates over 180 languages in real-time. With the automatic Google Translate function, you can translate text in your virtual lobby, activities, speaker profile, sponsor profile, registration forms, headings, and website. We help you power events and webinars that go beyond global standards by providing you with dynamic video strategies and tools that scale-up your attendees’ streaming experience. Unite a global audience with one language, enabled by a single click!

Meeting List Restrictions 

Attention! You can create lists and restrict attendees from certain lists from matchmaking in the meeting or networking room. For example, if you want sponsors to only interact with guests, you can make that happen. You can also configure the list settings to permit attendees to book meetings outside event date bounds. Additionally, you can assign attendees to lists based on their answers to certain questions on the registration from.

Menu Bar Switcher: only available on the Live Studio

You can customize your streams to suit your needs. If you want, you can change the location of your menu bar by clicking on move to right/left menu. It’s that simple!

You should also know that you can switch your host with the automatic Room Host switcher, you don’t need to refresh your page anymore. You can also preview spreadsheets easily by clicking the “preview” button on Download Center.

That’s it for today. Ensure that you make the most out of these features to produce the best streaming experience for your attendees. Come back again for more fresh news soon.