Trim Videos, Download Audio Recordings & Host Meetings with Multiple People

Knock knock… You’re welcome. You’ve got news to read at your fingertips! So stay glued to your screen and don’t switch tabs because you don’t want to miss out on this week’s news edition. Check out our new video solutions below.

Video Trim Mode

There’s no limit to customizing your streams on your back end because InEvent is your one-stop video broadcasting and editing suite. Two editions ago, we introduced the ability to add chapters to your streams. Now, you can shorten the duration of your videos when you upload them as Live Studio and On-Demand content. It offers you an interactive UI to select your video’s best start and end times. This is a great way to optimize time for your sessions and video.

Meeting with Multiple People

You can now select multiple guests when booking meetings and access the list of all meeting participants on the Virtual Lobby and on ‘My Agenda.’ As soon as you add participants, they’ll receive an email listing all the guest names. In addition, organizers can view all the guests on the Meetings Dashboard. The unique selling point of this feature is the ability for participants to remove themselves from meetings without canceling the meeting itself. 

Download Audio Recording

We’ve added the option to download audio recordings separately from your video recordings. This allows you to choose your file format so that you don’t have to separate the audio from the video content in an editing suite. The InEvent platform automatically does that for you!

Now that you know our latest video solutions, try them out! Then comment on your experience below. Also, prepare for more updates; we’ll bring more solutions to your screen soon. Enjoy the rest of your week!






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