Technical enhancements and a Spoiler

Hey there guys, how are you? We got some updates for you today and a spoiler of whats coming up very soon! This week, we focused more on technical enhancements and on building another innovative tool for you!

Come check out:


Oftentimes when we use technologies we just get caught up in the design and the user experience of the front-end, that we forget about all the technical aspects that come behind it all. This week we dedicated time to work on things that appear more “behind the scenes” but that will make your experience better. 

We added an automatic lag correction on Simulated Lives, we have also improved the chat loading when there are too many messages being sent at the same time or when a session has over 100 messages, and we added a lock to allow only a single connection per language on the Live Translation console. Also, we have enabled a refund policy option to allow refunds up to one day prior to the event.


Other than these new releases, we have also polished the machine and fixed up a few things for you. We fixed issues with the layout transition on focused mixed while using Tokbox and not screen sharing, and with social media buttons on the email creator.  We have also fixed the problem with the conversion button for Live Recordings and an interface bug  when applying  follow up sessions on the schedule dashboard. 


Despite being a very technical week of deployments for us, we could not help ourselves and also had to innovate and build new great things. This is still in soft launch, but perhaps some of you guys already have access to this:

Official launching and more details coming soon…

Hope you are reaching your goals with events and that our technology is helping you to build amazing experiences! 

Stay connected and come again for more updates next week! 





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