New Features Optimization and Improvements

Hello everybody, how are you doing today? We have got some updates to share with you. We announced some great new features recently, and today we will take the time to talk more about the optimizations we have done on them, and with the application in general, to ease the usability and enhance your experience. 

One of the most important factors that helped this company get to where we are today is our relationship with our clients. Since the beginning, we have always worked hard to be as consultative as we can with you. But, like with everything, we work even harder to keep improving it for you! There is a lot of cool stuff happening in our community, but now you can also access our content and announcements directly from your platform. Yes, every new post here will be available for you on the announcements bar

Did you actually get here from there? Let us know!

For the optimizations on the latest features, we have optimized PDF Sharing for lower-end computers, the camera access when not using the blur effect and the live change transition when using, all on the Virtual Lobby – which now has an optimal experience for iPads!

We have also incremented the user experience with the platform by improving the contrast color for hyperlinks, an option to hide Chat and Files from Sponsor Booths, the date for older messages on the live chat and we created a global Download button for all charts.


Other than the new releases described above, we have also deployed some corrections to the platform. 

On the Virtual Lobby we fixed a problem with the chat, with loading the newsfeed, with a popup in the layout settings and minor CSS issues.

Finally, there was an issue on Track Unsubscribes for Marketo that is fixed and also an issue that caused certain admins to show up as presenters on pre-recorded and simulives.

This is all for today folks, I hope you are enjoying our updates and that you are meeting your goals for events this year! 

Stay connected and come again for more updates soon!






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