Native WebSocket Protocols

Hello! Hope you are doing well today. We have some updates to share with you. There are new capabilities for you to bring your events to new markets and more.

Come check it out:


Following up on our latest developments, and keeping up with our mission, we have implemented native WebSockets protocols that will allow clients from countries with IP restrictions, such as China, to be able to attend your Virtual Events

As the image illustrates, you just need to go on Tools and select Yes to enable our Native WebSockets to your streamings. The feature has the beta tag since we are still watching it closely, but it is fully tested and operational. Make sure you report any unusual behavior, but you are good to expand your events to new markets now!

We have also dedicated time to improve our latest Geolocation map feature by adding Region to the query and better time accuracy for the new login detected notification email.


Other than these new features, we have also fixed some issues in the platform. We fixed a problem with the Real-Time Geo Location map when the Virtual Lobby was empty and a text-overflow issue on chat and headlines, also on the VL.

We have also deployed improvements to our integration with Salesforce, fixing a query issue when using the HasOptedOutOfEmail field enabled and with syncing the Phone field. 

That is all for today, folks! I hope you are reaching your goals with events this year and that you keep sending us feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned and come back again for more news soon. Thank you!






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