Native file screen sharing mode, automated feedback form and more

Hi there, how are you? InEvent has some new updates for you today! We built a native screen sharing mode that will be very helpful for your presenters and seamless to your attendees. We have also created an easier way to get feedback from your event and other updates and fixes that will enhance your experience with us.

Come check it out:


We all know that feedback is very important to understand how your actions are perceived by the others. We believe that for events, feedback is one of the most important tools to use on an event’s pre and post production stages, and specially during the event itself. It is very crucial that you apply the lessons learned from one event to the next to guarantee you are always improving and creating experiences people enjoy. In order to make sure you get feedback from your attendees, we released an option to add a rate your experience popup feedback form right after a session ends on your Virtual Lobby. Now your attendees don’t have to browse through other areas of your event to leave their feedback, it can be right there in front of them. 

We have also released a very cool feature to our Virtual Control Room. Now you are able to use our native file-sharing capabilities to share documents, images, audios and videos on your screen without having to open another window or tab. So, if you have a file on your computer that you want to use in your presentation, there is no need to upload it to a cloud or have it opened on another program to display it to your audience. You can do that directly through your platform. You can even stop and play media files or scroll through the slides and pages of a presentation on the same screen that you are broadcasting. How handy is that?!

This feature is also available for the sponsor sessions as well. Also, now your sponsors can have the permission to insert their files directly to the Virtual Lobby for their branding and ads, and we created a pre-recorded content toggle for sponsor’s booths on the Classic layout.

Furthermore, we have released some additions to the interface to improve the overall experience with the platform. We created a button to cancel Meetings after it was created in the Virtual Lobby and an  alert icon for new incoming questions in the Virtual Lobby as well. Also on the lobby, you now have the option to delete files directly there and the chat has a reverse scroll now to load previous messages.  


Other than these new releases described up there, we also deployed some fixes on the platform. The SDK integration with Paypal had an issue that is now resolved, and also a small error with the Purchase Form that happened when it was submitted without Address Line. We have also fixed the issues with editing certain custom fields on the Attendees page, and one that admins could not see a Sponsor description when it was set as invisible. 

That is all for today! I hope you guys like the new features we released and that your events are being successful using our technology! Keep sending us feedback and reviewing us online, so we know exactly what to create for you.

We hope you stay connected with us and come again for more updates soon!





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