Multiple Language Channels

Hello fellow event maker, how are you doing today? We got some fresh news for you that are already available on your platform! We developed a great new feature that will help your events be more accessible and also to reach out to global audiences. 

We are blessed to be able to help people from all over the world to create their dream event. But more than having clients in pretty much all the continents in the world (we still have to reach Antarctica!), another aspect that makes us a global company is that our clients are creating events all over the world in multiple languages. Another necessity we wanted to address here, is the need for more accessibility on virtual events. We want to be able to help every kind of person to have memorable experiences with events, especially people with disabilities. For that, we combined the requests from our clients for more multi-languages features with our intention to bring more accessibility to the industry, to release our Audio Interpretation channels, now available on the Advanced and Full plans.

Now you can have the same session of an event in multiple languages at the same time on the same streaming! You can create as many audio channels as you want. If you set up a multi language event with different interpreters, you are now able to let your audience choose which language they want to follow the presentation, including Sign Language! For that option, the interpreter would be on a video channel displayed on a smaller screen on the side of the main speaker of the session. Imagine how many more attendees you can get with that!

Other than this new feature, we have also implemented some new additions to the Virtual Lobby. We have now dedicated pages for group rooms and for meetings, which now also has a dedicated tab on a session. We have also automated the sync on speaker when linking to an attendee and created a popup modal when having too many speakers and sponsors attached to a session that is using the large layout and Neo Layout.

We have also dedicated  time this week to deploy some adjustments onto the platform as well. We have fixed issues with videos sometimes showing pitch black screen on iPhones, a layout issue on Schedule settings when moving users to the next session and on group rooms when trying to join. Also fixed an issue with the Janus template on Website and on the Virtual Looby we fixed the speaker bio formatting and the back buttons on dedicated pages for sponsors and activities.

I hope you enjoy using our Multiple Audio Interpretation Channels feature and that you are achieving your goals with events this year! You can always count on us! 

Come again for more updates soon!






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