Low Latency Live Streaming and Calendar Integrations

Hello! How are you? We got some news to share with you today! We have new streaming options for your Video Control Room, new capabilities for inviting people to your events, and more!

Come check it out:


You guys know how our mission is to enable companies to create memorable experiences for as many people as possible through events, right? That is why we have been working on features that will help your event become more compatible with larger audiences – such as people from foreign nations and/or people with disabilities. We also launched the EventMarket to make sure you can cover any extra needs. To keep up with this pace, we have now created an option to use a low latency streaming endpoint for users that might not have the most reliable connection.

This option adds support for our third endpoint – Amazon IVS – for our Video Control Room. The latency on this endpoint is from three to five seconds only, so it is an excellent option for more interactive sessions. If your customer is having issues starting a live stream or if their stream is buffering too much, you can now suggest they use the Low Latency Stream option. Just note that if you are currently in a live session and decide to switch to this mode, you will have to stop and start from scratch – so it is highly recommended that you do it before starting your session.

Still, on live streaming, we have added recording types to the Room Recording list:

  • Backstage: recordings that happen before the live stream starts and after the live stream ends;
  • Live stream: recordings that occur during the live stream;
  • Audio Interpretation (language): recordings for audio interpretation channels;

We have also created an option to send an invite.ics file containing all the activities you have created for an event separately to your calendar. So if you attach this invite to your confirmation email, every session would block one slot on someone’s agenda.

This feature is handy for events that last multiple days or even weeks with various activities. If you have an event like this and use this feature, your calendar will not be blocked for the entire event dates anymore. Google Calendar automatic integration is not supported. You must download the invite.ics file, and import that file into your GCal. It works out of the box for most of the other calendar apps, though.  

Other than these new features we have also enhanced some experiences with the platform. We added custom headings for terms of service on Custom Forms and Purchase Form pages, we also created a region tracking API for the Virtual Lobby (a map of your attendees will be available in the future) plus we added support for Notifications on all public pages. 


Furthermore, we have also dedicated time to fix some issues on the platform this week. There were problems when using the Virtual LobbyMy Agenda and Speaker modals on old browsers that are now fixed. On the Virtual Lobby, we have fixed the group rooms URL link when using custom domains and also the PDF Buttons when screen sharing a PDF on Control Room

Finally, we fixed issues with live streamings that would start automatically when using Agora.io on the Control Room, and the Hide People tool for the new speakers and viewers counter. 

That is all for today folks! I hope you use these new releases in your platform and that you keep reaching your goals for events this year! 

Stay tuned and come back for more updates soon! 



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