Link Tracking feature, News Feed sticky popup on the navigation bar and optimized the Marketo integration

Hi friends, how are you doing today? We have created some nice things recently that we want to share with you. You can now track your conversion at InEvent to optimize your marketing strategies, we also improved the newsfeed navigation and the integrations with our partners.

Come check it out:


We are a data-driven company. Most of our planning decisions come from market intelligence and also from structuring feedback from you guys. We promote this mindset in our platform as well through the analytics and reports, but now we have a new addition for that. We enabled a Link Tracking feature to track clicks and conversions from any URL in your event. This is extremely useful for you to get structured data on your attendees and use it on your post-event SWOT analysis and marketing campaigns. 

There are some new updates for the video settings as well. We have created a pre-recorded iframe camera and microphone policy to use these devices on the platform in compliance and added support for transcription when using RTMP directly. On the admin side, we enabled the removal of a person from an Activity they are currently watching and the permission for sponsors to manage the people viewing / presenting on their booths and finally, we automated the recording retrieval for Endpoint B.

Last but not least, we optimized some journeys to enhance your experience using our platform. We added a News Feed popup on the top bar of the screen that works during the sessions as well, also the option to set a default value on any form  including the custom fields. We have enabled the option to delete old push notifications, optimized the capabilities of importing a spreadsheet from excel for larger files and implemented better error logs. 


Besides all these new features we deployed for you, we have also worked on fixing some issues and making sure you have the best possible experience to create your dream virtual and hybrid event. 

In regards to our integrations, we fixed an issue on the Salesforce custom fields that ignored values on plain text fields, the Marketo custom fields and attendees that were added before deploying the integration, the Tokbox failover stream and Test Your Connection last step, also the mic audio slider that was not working on the device preview mode using Tokbox. Furthermore, now all the RTMP endpoints now have transcription support.  

For the admins, we fixed the due date on the invoice generator, the email tag when calculating the bounce rate, the layout for the form submissions, the social media handle for your custom websites, the issues when viewing plain text fields with large content, the telephone country area code when it is not given by the user is +1 US is now by default, and also on the meetings section when users you are meeting are actually removed from the event.

Finally we have also fixed some issues on the Virtual Lobby. There was an error with the analytics that occurred while an user was viewing it in French and a visibility issue for private users. Here is a list of CSS issues that were also fixed:

  • The tag search didn’t have a scrollbar;
  • The bottom menu overlapped the chat text field on mobile devices;
  • The Group Rooms didn’t have a scrollbar on fullscreen mode.

Most of these updates come from you guys and all of them are for you! Keep sending us feedback and reviewing us online, so we know exactly what to create for you. 

We hope you stay connected with us and come again for more updates soon!





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