Introducing Smoother Purchasing Experiences: Configure, Preview and Download Invoices with InEvent

Greetings, everyone! Did you have a good time celebrating Juneteenth? We sure enjoyed the break. Now, we’re thrilled to share our latest product news update. This time, we’re focusing on payment-related features designed to enhance your event experience.

We’ve upgraded our payment and invoicing tools, so planning your next event just got easier, saving you precious time and energy. You’ll love the new improvements to these features. Are you ready to check them out with us? Let’s dive in.

Make Checkout a Breeze with our Purchase Page Confirmation and Error Buttons.

With this exciting update, get ready to take your event management to the next level.

Introducing the all-new purchase page confirmation and error buttons on inEvent. You have the power to configure the destination for your users once they complete the purchase process. Redirect them to a custom thank you page, an upsell offer, or any other specific location with just a click. 

This feature allows you to create a seamless and personalized post-purchase experience for your attendees, making every interaction count. No more generic confirmation pages that do little to impress. Start configuring your purchase page confirmation and error buttons today and elevate your event’s user experience. Don’t wait; join the ranks of successful event managers who are already enjoying the benefits of InEvent.

Get Paid Faster with Our New Invoicing Preview Feature.

We’re excited to bring you even more control and convenience with our latest update to the invoicing feature. From now on, when creating invoices, you have the added benefit of previewing them before sending them out into the world. This new functionality allows you to meticulously review every detail and make any necessary adjustments, ensuring that your invoices are accurate, professional, and tailored to your specific needs. 

But that’s not all! We’ve gone a step further by introducing the option to send a preview of the invoice directly to your email. This enables you to see precisely how the invoice will appear to your recipients, giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to make any final tweaks. With these new capabilities, you can confidently and seamlessly manage your invoicing process, guaranteeing a polished and impressive experience for you and your clients. 

Zip It: Download Your Invoices in a Flash.

Creating and managing invoices doesn’t have to be daunting or time-consuming. With this new feature, you can quickly and easily download all of your payment invoices in a ZIP file with one click of a button – making it simple to store, share and access all your invoices in one secure place. Not only does this save you the hassle of manually generating multiple documents, but it’s also incredibly helpful for customers who have numerous invoice payments and need to track them all quickly.

Plus, with our latest feature for you to send an invoice preview directly to your email before you finalize it, you get total control over how your invoices appear. This ensures that the end product is consistent, polished, and professional, giving you and your customers complete peace of mind.

To wrap this news up.

Wow, talk about a triple whammy of awesomeness! You’re in for a treat with these incredible updates to the Purchase Page, invoice preview, and invoice download. Take control of the user experience by configuring where your customers land after completing their purchases. Make those last moments count. Don’t forget about the invoicing magic – now you can preview and perfect those invoices before sending them out into the world. It’s all about attention to detail! And the cherry on top? Download all your payment invoices in a convenient zip file, making life a breeze for those with a mountain of invoices. 

Ready to take these new features for a spin? Give them a try, and let us know what you think. Your feedback fuels our innovation and helps us create even more incredible experiences for you. Get ready to level up your event management game and enjoy these features’ convenience and control. Happy configuring, previewing, and downloading! 





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