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As you already know, InEvent is committed to providing video technology solutions that aid human interactions and enable people to get connected across the globe. 

Introducing the InEvent Community! Think of it as a discussion forum where you can share and learn about video strategies for events, meetings, and remote lifestyles with InEventers and fellow event professionals. 

You can also consider it as a social question-and-answer platform where you can connect with various event and A/V professionals and the InEvent Team. It is also a good environment to give reviews on the features and suggest areas for improvement.

Here’s the best part! The InEvent Community offers tips and tricks that are helpful for you to make the best use of the platform and create successful events all year long. 

Be the first to know about upcoming video technology solutions that are yet to be released and event strategies! You don’t need an active subscription to connect with people and interact on the platform.

Join and explore our new discussions forum and connect with a community of users and InEventers!

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Big Emojis

Have you ever thought of better ways to animate your virtual lobby chat and make texting more expressive? By Leveraging a variety of cool emojis that the platform has to offer, you can scale up your engagement at a snap of your fingers!

Using the emojis on the platform will help set the right tone for your meetings and events, enabling a more fun environment for interaction. 

It yields more effective communication and an efficient way to pick up non verbal cues, as you may not be able to read the facial expressions of attendees that are not on stage. 

This impacts positively on your attendees’ experience and represents their emotive expressions in the best way possible! And yes, you will find all your favorites emojis in there 😉

Retention Rate Tracker

This one is great for companies that are trying to avoid the Great Resignation bringing innovation to the workplace turning their meetings into events. This feature will help you tracking the retention of important and mandatory virtual meetings and webinars.

You can also now get an Event Full Report on the Event details dashboard page. This report contains all sessions your users visited, all sponsors they visited, all comments they sent, all questions they made, all polls they answered and all files they downloaded. These features will really help skyrocketing your remote work and virtual offices’ productivity! 

That is all for today. Stay tuned and come back for more InEvent News soon!





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