Intercom Chat integration and automations

Hello friend, how are you today? We have some exciting news to share with you! Now you can have your own customer support channel with our Intercom Chat Integration, we also improved capabilities to import speakers to your event and more. 

Come check it out:

We know that with InEvent you can build a very comprehensive event, where you can have all your activities, sponsors, networking and all kinds of information in your Virtual Lobby. On the other hand, we know some of the attendees might still need some extra help during your virtual or hybrid events. Therefore, we build an integration with the most used Customer Support tool our clients use, the Intercom Chat. Now you can have your own customer support chat inside your virtual lobby. You can designate a person to be there on the chat to help your attendees with any issue they may encounter during your event. It is really simple to set up, take a look:

We have also implemented some automations to the experience of adding speakers to your event. Now you can automatically link attendees or sessions and add tags to your speakers. You can also notify them by email once they are added to an event.

There are updates on the Virtual Lobby as well! This week we focused on optimizing the reports you can extract from it. We added the column tags  and custom fields to the virtual lobby excel reports and optimized the virtual analytics reading experience by setting times as hh:mm:ss instead of only seconds there as well. We have also increased capacity of files to 100 on the Virtual Lobby.

Last but not least, we have deployed improvements to the audit reports, and support for instant control room and on demand changes for sponsor booths. We also created a  badge counter for unread messages in the Inbox chat when loading the page and added an option to select the level of permission an user has on attendees listFinally we also enabled the option to embed the Registration Form to your own website.


Other than these new releases described above, we have also fixed some minor issues that will enhance your experience using the InEvent platform.

Starting out with the forms, we fixed an issue that occurred when a Form that have tickets associated to it was removed, also fixed some loading issues with the Meeting Form and the Registration Form on custom domains. On the integrations side, we fixed an issue with syncing blacklisted contacts on Salesforce and the error message when the Stripe API Keys expired.

We also fixed some email layout issues on Outlook and with translating a sponsor’s bio. On Meetingwe fixed the calendar link and the slot creation on the admin’s dashboard. For the Lists, we fixed the online virtual now filter on the Attendee list and the bulk operation when filtering a custom list and selecting ‘all’. 

With that, we call it a week! I hope you guys like the new features we released and that your events are being successful using our technology! Keep sending us feedback and reviewing us online, so we know exactly what to create for you.

Stay connected with us and come again for more updates soon!






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