InEvent Live Quiz, Stream to Tik Tok and Troubleshoot List Page for Event Planners

 Hello and welcome to another edition of InEvent News. We’re back again with new features so you can hop on them immediately and create sensation streams with them! Let’s get into this post. Shall we?

Introducing, Live quiz!

We have just released the Live Quiz feature, so you can scale up your engagement and encourage active participation. Create quizzes with multiple questions with multiple options with explanations for the correct option. To make the activity even more interesting, you can fix a timer for attendees from answering questions when the time runs out. Keep attendees on the edge of their seats, like they’re writing a timed SAT. The Quiz feature is automatically enabled with the poll feature, so you don’t need to bother setting it up in the Settings or Event. If you want to have a quiz for each activity, you must enable it manually. Afterward, forthcoming quizzes will be enabled by default.

Tik Tok is now available for social streaming!

Tik Tok says the clock. It’s Tik Tok time! We’re pleased to announce that TikTok is now supported on the InEvent for third-party streaming. This is great for your broadcasting your content to a whole new audience so you can generate leads and explore more opportunities. So get those dance moves and skits rolling in because we’re transforming those boring streams into relishable moments.

Access the troubleshoot reports!

As announced in the previous post, the troubleshoot button is now available for you to resolve technical issues. As an event planner, this is important for you because problems are inevitable in the event planning process but we’ve designed the technology to help tackle them and track them. By tracking, we mean you view and manage all your troubleshooting reports. How do you make this happen? The Virtual Lobby settings page now has the “Troubleshoot” tab, so be rest assured that all reports will be stored there excluding old reports prior to this update. Henceforth, new reports will not show up in #issue-report anymore and will not trigger an Intercom action if sent from Company Admins. Take note of this and explore this tool!

That is all for today! I hope you’re nailing all your event and webinar goals with our video strategies! We’re rooting for your success. Stay tuned for more updates. There’ll be fresh news coming soon.



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