In-Person Event Housing Solutions at your fingertips: Room list, Luggage control + More

Greetings to you all! We trust you’re having a good week. Brace for impact because we’ve got stellar solutions for your in-person events. We know you’re planning your next event, so we’ve put together housing features to impress your attendees and partners. Check them out!

Room List

Empower attendees to customize their room service by allowing them to choose their roommates (automatically matched to a room by our algorithm) and book their rooms from your website. Our housing management software will enable you to manage their bookings from their profile on your event’s page or mobile app. The benefit of this accommodation management strategy is that it gives you a bird’s eye view of room reservations. You don’t need to ask the hotel management for information on your guests because the platform lets you access them, organize, and monitor them in real-time without any delay.

 It encourages you to sort out your attendees’ accommodation, even before they arrive. Attendees love self-service and allowing them to choose their lodging experience keeps them engaged. It also saves you the hassle of pairing attendees to a room. When attendees choose their roommates, they are more likely to be pleased. 

Lodging Data

The world is technology-driven, and digital customers want to consume information on the go. More precisely, they’ll opt for that if they can access information on their smartphones while multitasking. InEvent is aware of this consumption pattern. And that’s why it optimizes its mobile app to update attendees on the event, wherever they may be—at the train station, airport, or in the comfort of their rooms. Our housing management software provides optimal accommodation organization for enterprises. More so, attendees can easily access detailed information on the hotel name, room number and description, capacity, media files, and guest list. They can access all of this crucial information through the mobile app.

Luggage Control

Track thousands of bags in minutes using the pre-printed tags and QR codes you distribute to your attendees. You can continuously monitor the status of their luggage in real-time on the mobile staff inventory. With InEvent Pass, you can easily support all your guests’ luggage during check-in and check-out operations. It helps to easily identify missing bags or bags that have been mixed up.

Now you know what strategies to deploy to enhance your in-person event housing management, try them out and share your experience with us in the comments tab below. We’ll love to hear from you! You’re one step closer to your next big in-person event. Put our strategies to work so that they can transform your attendees’ experience. You should be expecting more in-person event solutions soon. We’ll be back in a flash! Bye for now.





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