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Hello! Welcome to another week of updates from InEvent. Today we have some fresh news for you in regards to our analytics. 

Come check it out:


Two of our pillars at InEvent are: to be data driven and to provide global solutions. Not only is our company global, with InEventers spread all around the world, but many of our clients are multinational companies hosting global events. For that reason, we have deployed a very nice feature to help tracking how far your global events are reaching and, also, to be able to know where your attendees are located in real time.

This is extremely important to help you understand if your goals for each country have been reached. Also, to analyze possible expansion opportunities to other countries as well. We already made it possible for you to have the same event interpreted in every language out there simultaneously and we also have the EventMarket to help you localize your global efforts. Now it’s up to you to use our tools to go conquer the world!


Other than this new feature, we have also dedicated time to address a few issues. On the Virtual Lobby we fixed the delete on Files, we also had a problem with the translation popup that would not appear in certain languages, and finally the fullscreen button on the video player. Nonetheless, there was few issues in our integration with Marketo with the ID AUTHthat is now fixed.

We hope you keep meeting your goals for events this year! Stay tuned and come back for more updates soon!





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