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Hello there, welcome to InEvent News!

If you are a frequent reader, you may already know that InEvent is the perfect solution for B2B companies that host multiple events throughout the year. Thinking about that, I have some new changes to introduce you to our billing model:

  • Cap of up to 40% per event of your subscription size.

For all new customers signing their subscriptions with InEvent, we are implementing a new lock on the platform to prevent single alone large events. That means no single event can represent more than 40% of your subscription volume. If so, the platform will automatically lock new registrations on that event. 

  • Minimum of 100 registration multiples when buying upsells.

The calculator and the invoice will be limited to a number that is a multiple of 100 when purchasing new registration to your current subscriptions.

For example: 100, 300, 4000. Numbers that do not end with the 00s, such as 320 or 17, are no longer valid.

Our product team also has some exciting new features to share today! 😁

Are you looking forward to delivering a good experience for the sponsors of your event? Now it’s possible to add a feedback questionnaire for sponsors so they can rate their experience. You can send the feedback questionnaire through email or social media. After the session is over, you can collect their feedback and analyze which gaps you should improve to get a better experience. 

Now it’s possible to talk privately with the presenters, either on Activity or Sponsor sessions. And your staff team does not even have to be presenting to access these chats. Admins, Staff, Sponsor Workers (on sponsor booths), Room Owners also have access to the private chat.

Apart from the above updates, we fixed some issues to make your experience more pleasing and enjoyable. Have a look at the list below:

  • Fixed duplicated tooltip names on networking for Virtual Lobby;
  • Fixed issue on Control Room when using Tokbox that would show hidden streams for a brief second when sharing and unsharing screen;
  • Fixed Automatic layout issue on Control Room when using Tokbox;
  • Fixed issue on Networking Roulette that wouldn’t allow users to match when Profile Lock tool was enabled;

That is all for today. Stay tuned and come back for more InEvent News soon! 






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