Feedback Popup, Accessibility Menu Option & Hide Fields

We got some updates today. We’re releasing new features that will enable sign-out of the year. Do you know what that means? It’s not too late to deploy these solutions at your event; it’s never too late. Check out the latest technologies for your events.

Feedback Popups are Enabled!

If you’re constantly using the InEvent platform, remember that you’ll have to exit the session to view a feedback popup form. Well, not anymore. Attendees can view the feedback popups even without leaving sessions. At the top menu bar, there’s the feedback popup button. When clicked upon, a confirmation message will be displayed. The popup will be visible to everyone after clicking on ‘yes.’ The advantage is that improvements can be made in real-time based on the feedback collated during the session instead of waiting until the session’s end; if there are ways to enhance the attendees’ viewing experience, the admins can make such improvements while the event is in session.

Accessibility Menu Option

Amping up attendee experience has never been more premium. Though the best is yet to come (as we have bigger plans in motion), the Accessibility Menu is an innovative solution for attendees with diverse communication needs. The Accessibility Menu, which works on all Virtual Lobby pages, allows attendees to disable animations and change the contrast and the color scheme. 

Hide Role and Company fields Independently

You can hide the Role and Company fields separately without blocking the entire profile. With the role and company hidden, you can network and view other users’ profiles without using the Profile Lock tool. Henceforth, removing the role or company fields on the Registration Form will enable these tools instead of activating Profile Lock.

Next week is a few days away; ensure you start your week with these new solutions. We can’t wait to try these features and share your feedback. We’ll love to hear from you. Stay alert! There’ll be more updates. 

Happy weekend!





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