Exhibitors Module, Ticket List Trigger & Permission Indicator

Hello and welcome! We’re back again with great news for your live events and virtual events. You now have new strategies to implement for your upcoming events. Pin them down and get ready to explore. It’s time to take a deep dive into the solutions; shall we?

Exhibitors Module

You can now promote your brand and your partners with a premium event management technology—the Exhibitors Module. If you’ve set up booths for your sponsors for previous events held on the platform, you already have an idea of how the Exhibitors Module works. Just like the Sponsors Booth, Exhibitors Module has its designated location in the Virtual Lobby.

You can have a dedicated Exhibitor page, Exhibitor Virtual Lobby section and menu, Exhibitor Website Section, and an Exhibitor Profile Page on My Account; If you’re using the mobile App, the Exhibitors will show alongside Sponsors.

Ticket List Trigger

This Ticket List Trigger allows you to categorize users that purchased multiple tickets, associated with multiple lists. Of course, this occurs only when users own these tickets. They would be removed from the list if they’ve given away their tickets. You can as well sell tickets per activity, which is a great way to expand your monetization gateway. With the Ticket List Trigger, you can create tickets, assign them to lists that are linked with certain activities, and enable this new option — users will now be able to buy tickets for all the sessions, not just for a single event.

Permission Indicator Tool

It is important for attendees to easily differentiate themselves; especially if they need to direct complaints or questions to the organizers of the events. The Permission Indicator Tool performs the task of identifying the speakers, sponsors, or admins in the platform, using icons and written indicators.

Are you excited to test these features? We can wait to see how you use these solutions for your forthcoming events. We are rooting for a successful event experience! Hope you’ve learned enough strategies to implement for your events throughout the year. Be on the lookout! We’ll be flooding this page with more features soon. Ensure you use these features and share a comment on your below. Enjoy the rest of your week!





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