Email Builder, Sponsors Profile, Menu Re-organization, and Captions on Pre-recorded Videos

You’re welcome to another edition of our product release announcements. We have exciting news to share with your today! These solutions were generated to offer you and your attendees premium event experiences. So dive into this post to see what they are about.

Drag & Drop on Email Builder

You can now attach your sponsors’ logo icons to any email you want to be delivered to your attendees. As the name suggests, all you need to do is to drag and drop the section containing all your sponsors, to appear where you want them placed. And with that, you can promote your sponsors and give them more visibility. This is important because sponsors always want to connect with their target audience and promote their offerings to them. 

Attaching your sponsor logo to the email makes attendees anticipate meeting your sponsors at the event. If you have heavyweight sponsors, you don’t want to undermine the value that this strategy has on your website traffic. You can locate the sponsors section underneath the Media menu. Then you can check the boxes of sponsors you want to appear on the email.

Display Sponsors in the Virtual Lobby for Meetings

Promoting your sponsors just got even better! Every session sponsored by a company can have the identity of its representatives displayed at the bottom of the stream. This personable display enables attendees to attach a human identity to your sponsors and encourages human-to-human interactions. 

Because you need attendees to interact with your sponsors, we thought it best to enable the option to insert images and profiles of the sponsor representatives to your sessions. This way, attendees can easily schedule meetings with them in the virtual lobby

However, you should know that the names and company designation can only be displayed if you have 1-2 representatives. If you have up to 4 people listed, you can only change the “Representatives” label on Headings. To make this feature operational, ensure that you have all of the information on your sponsors contained in the People section.

Menu Reorganization for Mobile and Classic Virtual Lobbies

As an event manager, being organized is a priority. You don’t want your workspace looking messy, and you certainly do not want your attendees to have an even messier experience navigating through your video streaming platform. 

There are many tools you need to utilize during live sessions but they can’t all be on full display. What we’ve built for you is the solution to group other tools into the ‘More’ section on the menu bar. Now when you have a lot of menus, some of them will be automatically added to the “More” section like regular mobile apps.

Upload Captions & Subtitles on Pre-recorded Videos

This is a great way to scale up accessibility. Attendees who prefer to read your content or stream in their native language can enjoy their streaming experience better with this inclusion. You can enable this option to pre-recorded videos and simulated lives, as well as upload as many captions as you want—one for each language. Once uploaded, a CC button will show up in the video player with the option to select the caption you want. Select the caption of your choice and GO LIVE.

That’s it for today! I hope you had a good read, and more importantly, eager to try out these features for all your events throughout the year. Stay tuned for more updates. There’s fresh news coming soon!






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