Dial in Sessions, Attendance Certificate and Live Studio Update

Hello and welcome to InEvent News! 

We have exciting news for you! There’s no better time to launch remarkable features than the holiday season!

Dial-in Sessions

Introducing the Dial-in feature! It enables participants to access events by dialing numbers using their mobile phones or even through Zoom Phone and Skype. Now you do not need to be connected to a network or have your computer with you to access a video session. 

You’ll agree that the future of virtual interactions entails instant connection, anywhere and anytime. By voice inputting the Session ID, followed by the Session PIN and your Name, you can unlock the access to all your events and meetings. So, whether you’re about to catch a flight or are on the road, you don’t have to worry about missing an important session at all. 

You definitely need an easier and more dynamic way to access your meetings, events, and conferences, make sure you are subscribed to our advanced or full plan and start dialing in!

Attendance Certificate

You can now award certificates to your attendees, so that they feel a sense of accomplishment after attending your webinars. Certifying your audience will provide them extra value from your sessions and will also help increasing your authority. 

This is also great for the companies adopting remote work and using InEvent to centralize their communication and collaboration. You can use these certificates to award your staff upon completing training and bootcamps. 

Customize certificates based on the available templates or by uploading directly from your library. Make the certificates even more personalized by tweaking the typography, font size, font color, page layout, background, and logo. You can also create and program emails to distribute the certificates to your attendees and staff!  This feature is also available for every subscription in the advanced or full plans.

Live Studio Option to Publish Questions

Here is an update you would not want to miss trying:

You can now publish questions from the audience, straight to your live stream, in real-time! The question will automatically be displayed as a Lower Third on the screen. Go Beyond simple video solutions and activate your brand in the most professional way possible!

That is all for today. Enjoy the holidays and stay tuned for more InEvent News soon!





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