Custom Reports download enabled and real time updates optimized

Hello there, how are you today? InEvent has some great news for you! You can now extract Custom Reports from the platform to a spreadsheet or as an image. We have also added more real times updates to your sessions and more.

We all know that data is one of the hottest commodities nowadays, especially  on user behavior. We really have to stress the importance of getting analytics from your event, turn these information into structured data, and apply the intelligence taken from it to your next events! Our platform has a powerful live analytics dashboard to help you produce reports on your events. Our latest update gives you the option to download the widgets from your Custom Reports now and use them in your internal presentations!

  • Table widgets are downloaded as spreadsheets!
  • Graphic widgets are downloaded as pictures!

We also added filters by templates, similar to our filter by events option, to make your experience more convenient.

Also, there are new options for settings you can select and update for your sessions. So, If you need to change the visible tools or maybe change the description of your session, it will be updated instantly for all attendees in real time!

List of the new fields ready for real time updates:

  • Activity description;
  • Activity feedback popup when leaving;
  • Activity right-column menus (chats, questions, polls, files);

Another new release we have, it is related to our white-label nature. We want you to be able to customize your event to be exactly the way you dream of. For that, we added new Headings options for your event.

Here is a list of the new headings ready for customization

  • My Agenda:
    • Save to calendar button;
    • Send feedback button;
  • My Account:
    • My profile section button;
    • Sponsor profile section button;
  • Virtual Lobby:
    • Type your text input placeholder;
    • Device configuration popup title;
    • Device configuration Join now button;
    • Device configuration Join as viewer button;
    • Live content changed popup title;
  • Header section (on My Account, My Agenda, etc):
    • Open lobby button;  

Last but not least, we also deployed some optimizations to the Virtual Lobby. We added a missing integration for the material tool, we also added a tool to allow disabling custom content sharing, and we optimized  PDF and Video loading for screen sharing


On top of the updates described above, we have also fixed a few issues that will enhance your overall experience with the platform. 

For the Virtual Lobby, we fixed an issue that was duplicating the audio while screen sharing PDF files, another one that disabled audio of shared video when the person sharing muted their microphone, also fixed the reattach issue when moving from a regular native session to an external link and the  realtime content change on the Virtual Lobby when moving to external link.

We have also fixed the Marketo status updates for leads that were pulled directly from a Program and with billing payments when the price has not been set for a company yet. Finally, we fixed the bulk operations on the Leads tab

That is it for today! I hope you guys like the new features we released and that you are reaching your goals for events with the help of our technology! Keep sending us feedback and reviewing us online, so we know exactly what you need.

Stay connected with us and come again for more updates soon!





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