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Hello there, how are you? We got great news for you today! We have just pioneered a new solution for you to produce your dream event, the EventMarket. This is going to be game changing for your next events! Come check it out:


Remember how last week we showed you guys a teaser of our new feature? Now we are here to announce that we launched the EventMarket today! It is a solution to connect certified professional services providers with corporate users aiming to explore the platform’s advanced feature sets and other events-related services. EventMarket is a bridge uniting well-established professionals in the virtual and hybrid events industry. The EventMarket marketplace is easily accessed within the platform to facilitate seamless connection between event specialized services and you. Look how easy it is to get connected with one of our certified partners:

We are launching with dozens of certified services providers from across the globe, with more to come. You guys can easily find trustworthy partners to help you setting up additional services to your event, including API, CSS, 3D Layout, A/V Studios, Hardware rentals, InEvent Backend Support and more. 

We have a platform that can help you take your events globally, but now we also help you to localize your global efforts! 

Let us know if there are any additional services you may use in your events that you would like to see in EventMarket. Also, after you partnered up with a company from the EventMarket, do not forget to leave them a review on your platform, deal?


Other than this great new endeavor we built to help you achieve your goals, we have also worked on some necessary adjustments to our Virtual Lobby.

We have fixed layout issues with the  fullscreen mode when exiting  by pressing ESC using the gallery mode and when using the Move to next session button. Also on the Virtual Lobby, we fixed issue with Presenters and Viewers labels using a group room and one that would start a stream automatically when moving from Pre-Recorded content to the Control Room. Finally, we have also fixed some HTML issues on the VL with the format of an event’s description and with the sponsor’s bio.

That’s it for the day folks! We truly believe that this hub of services and event professionals we call the EventMarket will help you sort plenty of things out for your event with the agility and safety that our platform provides you!

We hope you keep achieving your goals for the events this year and that you keep sending us feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned and come again for more updates soon!



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