Backstage Area, Follow-up Sessions and more

Hello dear InEvent user, I hope all is well with you today! We got some cool new updates to share with you today. There is a brand new backstage functionality for virtual events, there are new capabilities for making sure your audience attends the right flow of events and more!

Come check it out:


We know how crucial it is to conduct a dry run with your presenters before the event to mitigate risks, but we know that some issues just happen live and we need to be prepared for that. Thinking about that option, and also to enhance the experience giving you more tools to organize your activities, we created a backstage room inside the streaming session. Now you can add a speaker to a backstage room, where you will still be able to see them  on the video (and they will be able to watch the session), but the attendees won’t see this speaker. You can add and remove them anytime you want during the session. So, if there is any issue with a speaker you can quickly send them to your backstage or you can have them all lined up inside the backstage area prior to the event and pull them in as it goes. That way you are not dependent on them to join the session, you can summon them yourselves. 

How cool is that?!

Also, you guys know that we, not only listen to, but really encourage you to share your feedback and requests with us. This week we deployed something that many of you have been asking for – a follow up chain of sessions. The way it works is that you can pre-configure a follow up session for your activity and move everyone to this follow up session with just a click of a button! This way you guarantee that your attendees at least enter the right room and do not miss anything activity scheduled in your event!

We are going to get a little bit more technical to talk about this next release, but it will make it simpler for a lot of users! We now have a low latency RTMP endpoint for users that do not have the most reliable connection. This endpoint uses AWS IVS, which is a structure used by the most robust streaming services out there, like So,  If you have a customer that complains about buffering issues using Mux, they can now use this alternative endpoint that is more reliable. We will have this endpoint for the Control Room in the future as well.

Last but not least, we have also enhanced our tracking capabilities from UTMs by adding the option to track users pending on Purchase Form, to automatically add converted leads from a link to a Custom List and a track follow for UTM Tracking links. Finally, we also deployed a very handy option for you to create a Speaker from a new Person added to the event.


Other than these new features we developed, we have also invested some time this week to polish a few things up.

On the Virtual Lobby we fixed the extra space on Full HD 20+ inches screens, the text overflow when using big headlines, a counting issue with excel reports, the chat opacity animation and also a problem with the fullscreen button on the video player.

On our integrations we fixed a Marketo sync with Custom Lists and an empty status issue when syncing users. With Tokbox we fixed a layout issue with Live Stream. Finally, on we fixed an issue that would maintain the gallery view layout when transitioning Video Conferencing sessions to Control Room

That is all for today, folks! I hope you are achieving your event goals with the help of our platform and that you keep sending us feedback and suggestions.

Stay tuned and come again for more updates next week!





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