Activity Settings, Add On-demand Chapters to Videos & Live Studio Status Bar

Hey there! We’ve launched some cool features for your live events, virtual events and webinars, and we’re happy to share them with you. Get ready to take notes because these event strategies will transform your next event. Check them out!

General Settings and Tab Visibility 

You can easily ascertain the categories that your event agenda tools fall under. By categorizing the general settings and Tab visibility into sections, you know the best ways to customize your streaming experience. The General Settings include all the features that are enable the functionality of every activity and the Tab Visibility highlights all the tools that can be displayed on the session menu. By checking any of the tools beneath this section, you activate it. This is a great way to keep you organized and well-informed on the tools needed for your streams.

Live Studio Streaming Status Bar

Every meeting or event host needs a status bar that provides information regarding their live stream and social stream status. It’s a good way to easily identify technical issues, if any, and address them immediately, instead of discovering them after the end of the stream. We want to help you avert issues that could interrupt your sessions, increase your traffic churn rate, and weaken the quality of your production. Hence the purpose of the Status Bar! Also be on the lookout, as this is the first version, we will add more status information in the future. We’re open to your suggestions! If you have any, please comment down below.

Insert Chapters to Your On-demand Videos

Imagine giving your video content that episodic effect that takes your viewers through a journey, as though you were telling a story; it’s a value add to your attendees’ streaming experience. We know that you need your attendees to always show up for all the events you have throughout the year, and that’s why we are committed to delivering new solutions that create this result for you. The chapters you create, appear on the progress bar and also in a button on the video player. This is a great way to insert breaks so that attendees don’t experience fatigue during long-lasting sessions. The best part is that It’s available on all plans!

Did you enjoy reading about our latest technologies? Stay tuned! We’ll be releasing more features soon. But for now, try out these solutions and let us know what your experience was like. Enjoy the rest of your week!





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