Activity End Time, Spreadsheet Import, Additional Cameras, and Bluetooth Support for Live Studio

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We have exciting news to share with you to kick off your virtual interactions in the right direction. Come check it out:

Activity End Time

Your attendees can now view the time frame of each activity— that is the start and end times. To make this happen, you have to ensure you check the show end time for activities checkbox in your settings. Then refresh the Virtual Lobby, after which the end time of the activity will appear. This feature is very helpful to help attendees setting up their Agenda in a way they will be able participate as much as they can in your event. This feature is available for all subscriptions!

Import Any Spreadsheet Format

Manually importing a long list of contacts could cause a huge delay. In hosting meetings, webinars, and events, effective time management is an important aspect to ensure success. This feature allows you to import your own spreadsheet containing contacts information, from your CRM for example, to the InEvent platform. You can as well download the demo file on the platform and manually input your attendees, sponsors, speakers, or tags into the spreadsheet and upload it to the platform. 

Once the spreadsheet has been uploaded, a window will open for you to preview the details entered and check the accuracy. The platform’s artificial intelligence detects opposing information that doesn’t match the information registered on the platform and fields that haven’t been entered at all. 

You can edit those fields flagged as incorrect to correspond to the information on the platform, and import the spreadsheet without errors. The same goes for the spreadsheets extracted from your CRM, you can make your work life easier with a few clicks. This feature is a must-have for your workplace and event management. It is available in every plan!

Additional Cameras and Bluetooth Support for Live Studio

Here’s an update you shouldn’t miss out on:

Add multiple cameras and audio streams to your live sessions to create an immersive experience for your attendees and allow them to enjoy multiple perspectives of a streaming using our camera switcher. The moment you join the session, a device configuration window will pop up for you to add multiple cameras and connect to various audio streams via Bluetooth. 

Once you join the session, you can alternate the cameras to show your attendees the activities happening in various angles. The Bluetooth support feature allows the pleasure of connecting to multiple audio devices in case one gets faulty. The best part is that the platform automatically selects the device with the best audio quality, even though it’s connected midway into the session! Make sure you troubleshoot your devices prior to the event. This feature is a part of our Live Studio and it is only available on the advanced and full plans. 

Check out our website to see the various features you need to utilize technology to go beyond in your workplace, meetings, webinars, events, to generate leads and close more deals. Start the year deploying advanced video strategies in your business and count on InEvent to help you achieving your goals! Stay tuned and come back soon for more fresh news. 





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