Breakout Rooms, Live Studio Native Videos and new Integration

Hello and welcome to another edition of InEvent News! We have exciting news to share with you. Check out the new updates in our products:

Breakout Rooms

Why settle for less when you can have more? Exactly! We thought about this too. That’s why we came up with a solution. With one virtual or hybrid event session, you can create multiple breakout rooms with various topics. Allow your attendees the pleasure of easy navigation through the breakout rooms.

And there’s more! You can set timers, capacity, and enable and disable rooms with the click of a button, in real-time. If you set a time frame for the rooms, a message will pop up when the timer is running out and they will be automatically moved back to the main session. 

You can access these features with an active subscription on the advanced and full V&H plans

Live Studio Native Videos

If you are an admin or the host of a live broadcast, you can upload your videos during your sessions, in the live studio. This video playback feature runs natively on the InEvent servers with a high frame rate, so you don’t have to worry about having the most sophisticated computers available.

You can add multiple videos at the same time, and play them simultaneously. You can also change the layout of the videos. Once the video is over, it will go backstage automatically, so it’s perfect for a countdown timer before the session starts, for example. The moment the countdown stops, you can immediately switch to the presenter’s screen. And your session is live! 

Watch out as there will be an option to loop the videos in order to stream as the idle video mode before the presenter goes live. Also, there is an option to pre-upload videos directly on the platform's back end before the session begins.

The live studio feature is only available on the advanced and full plans for both V&H events and webinars. This is another call for you to subscribe to these plans so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Sync Event Data with CVent Integration

Optimize time and make the most out of your client list by automatically pulling invitees and attendees from your Cvent platform, using standard fields and/or custom fields. It’s now available on the InEvent V&H full plan. 

Watch out for updates on this integration because there will be an option to sync back all of the sessions the attendees are enrolled to, in the near future. And if you want to transfer CVent’s registration forms to the InEvent platform, we can make that happen! So be on the lookout!

That is it for today. I hope you take advantage of these new features and keep producing amazing events and webinars to your clients. Come back soon for more fresh news!

Global Fields for Registration Forms, Video Quality Indicator, Fixes and Additions!

Hello and welcome to another edition of InEvent announcements. We have exciting news to share with you. Check out the new additions to our features.

Global Fields for Registration Forms have Been Enabled!

You can now create global fields that will automatically appear on every event and/or webinar you create. Easily locate these fields in your event/webinar’s registration form and/or purchase form. With this, you can extract statistical data for all of the events with matching fields in one report.

Disclaimer: since this is a global field, you should note that the information inserted on one event will also be available for admins from another event.

Video Quality Indicator

You may have noticed that when you hover over your frame as a speaker, you will see a window that displays information about packets sent, packets lost, bytes sent and frame rate. Without delving deep into the technical terms, this data helps you ascertain the quality of your net work connection. Packets sent is the amount delivered to the participants viewing the video during the session. Packets lost and bytes sent is the amount lost on the internet, which is always on an up trend when the network connection is unstable. Frame rate is the speed at which the video streams per second. Note that Mux is the only video provider that enables the video quality indicator to appear real-time on the speaker’s frame, without having to leave the platform.

Why is this important? You may ask. Remember that your goal is to have high-end videos at your events and webinars to impress your attendees and sponsors with your production quality. And, of course, you know what that does to your overall business objectives right? With the aid of the video quality indicators, you can easily determine if an unstable network is the cause of poor quality images. With that information in hand, you can immediately switch to a more stable service provider that meets all the parameters on the indicator. 

With that said, try out these additions and thank yourself later for making the best decision to leverage the InEvent platform for events and webinars. 

Check out the latest fixes deployed on the platform:

  • Fixed transcript reports not showing up correctly when exporting to excel on Schedule dashboard page.
  • Fixed misleading alert when creating invalid Permissions for users on event-level.
  • Fixed Load More button on Virtual Lobby people tab in sessions.
  • Fixed private chat duplicated messages on Virtual Lobby.
  • Fixed question check-off button not showing up for Virtual Lobby classic layout.
  • Fixed calendar out of place for Budget dashboard.
  • Fixed Virtual Background file upload issue.
  • Fixed Group Rooms not showing up properly on Mobile devices.
  • Fixed hyperlink not working on News Feed inside Virtual Lobby.
  • Fixed Sponsor upload issues with PDF files.
  • Fixed creating activity from template for Live Settings (it wouldn’t copy properly).
  • Fixed Edit Forms permission operation for company level.
  • Fixed issue of Registration Form custom fields being cleared out for default values.
  • Fixed translation issue on Registration Form for custom fields.
  • Fixed PDF Sharing sometimes generating multiple backstage streams for host on Live Studio.
  • Fixed PDF Sharing Library close button on Live Studio.
  • Fixed Collapse Networking loading tool for Virtual Lobby.

Also, see some amazing additions to the platform:

  • Added filter for Waitlists on Leads dashboard page.
  • Added button to force rebuild Website for all languages on Website Settings dashboard page.
  • Added reset form data on Attendees dashboard page on New attendee popup.
  • Check-in behavior changed: we only check-in users when accessing the Virtual Lobby now. Previously we’d track for any public page they’ve accessed (like My Account).
  • Added Native PDF sharing functionality for Live Studio.
  • Faster and better quality PDF sharing.
  • Zero CPU usage for rendering pages.
  • Added brand-new quality indicator & info for streams on Live Studio backstage.
  • Adjusted Sponsor Ad rotation timer (increased the frequency).
  • Added extension check for file upload on all pages that accepts file uploads (like Event > Content > Files).
  • Added Cancel Meeting with email on Virtual Lobby meeting booking form.
  • Added extensions icon on File Manager attendee page.
  • Added preview for videos on File Manager attendee page.
  • Added UTM passthrough on Registration Form Share embed code.
  • Added UTM passthrough on Custom Form Share embed code.
  • Added option filter for event and webinars.

That is all for today! I hope you keep meeting your goals for events and webinars this year with the help of our technology! Stay tuned and come back for some more fresh news soon. Thank you.

Live Studio PDF Sharing, Additions and Updates!

Hello and welcome to another edition of InEvent News. We have exciting news to share with you. Check out the latest releases and a very important update in the end:

Share Your PDFs on Live Studio!

Are you tired of using platforms that do not offer the solutions you need to deliver your data-driven presentations professionally? You’ve got better virtual events and webinars when you opt for InEvent’s dynamic engagement strategies. You not only have the pleasure of scaling up your engagement with the live studio, but you can also as well share PDF files during live sessions in the live studio. 

You may ask, what makes this better than sharing your screen for your audience to view PFDs? The difference is clear. The Live Studio PDF sharing feature is faster and more reliable because it does not consume a lot of CPU on your computer due to the PDFs being hosted on our server; the image quality of the PDF will be crisp and clear because the images are rendered on the server and not on the computer. This will give your live sessions the high-quality production value that you desire. Want to know what the best part is? You can share the controls on the PDF with all the speakers and preload the PDF on the platform for attendees to view before the session.

We have also deployed some amazing additions to the platform:

  • Added brand-new quality indicator & info for streams on Live Studio backstage;
  • Adjusted Sponsor Ad rotation timer (increased the frequency).
  • Added Cancel Meeting with email on Virtual Lobby meeting booking form.
  • Added extensions icon on File Manager attendee page.
  • Added preview for videos on File Manager attendee page.
  • Added UTM passthrough on Registration Form Share embed code.
  • Added UTM passthrough on Custom Form Share embeds code.
  • Added option filter for Event and Webinar.
  • Added PDF Library when sharing a PDF on Live Studio. Organizers can now pre-upload PDFs and use them later on in sessions.
  • When sharing a PDF on the Live Studio, it will be added on stage automatically.
  • Added tool to block library for Content Share on Live Studio.
  • Added Browser and OS information on People > Attendees dashboard page for Event Admins.
  • Added Browser details on excel export for Attendees.
  • Added dynamic content for Push Notifications on Virtual Lobby (like {{first-name}}).

Furthermore, check out some of the latest fixes:

Finally, an important update:

Starting from April 1st, we will be updating every session to the new default mode: Live Studio. It is the most recent technology we have released and it offers higher performance and more stability. The Control Room is still available for those who would like to remain using the previous set up, but we highly recommend trying out the new Live Studio. The level of interaction and customization you can achieve with it is just incredible.

That is all for today. I hope you keep reaching your goals with the help of our technologies. Stay tuned and come back for more fresh updates soon.

Interprefy Integration, Live Studio Social Streaming, Fixes and Additions!

Hello and welcome to another edition of InEvent News. We have exciting news to share with you. Check out the latest releases:

Interprefy Integration Now Available

Have you been looking to enhance the quality of your audio interpretation streams? If you don’t have this as a priority, you should from this moment because it’s a service that attendees from across the globe require in order to interpret content in their native language.

The Interprefy integration with InEvent ensures that your live streams have a global outreach which impacts positively on your brand awareness and consequentially, your ROI. Additionally, it enhances your attendees’ overall streaming experience and positions you as a forward-thinking, inclusive brand.

You can offer your attendees the best audio streaming experience in all the virtual and hybrid events and webinars you’re hosting this year.  Make sure you select Interprefy as your audio interpretation channel in every activity. With that setup, your attendees can select their preferred language to watch the sessions.

We know that you cannot possibly speak all the languages in existence. Luckily the InEvent platform has got that sorted out for you, so just sit back and allow this integration to broaden the reach of your content to multiple languages!

Live Studio Social Streaming

If you could choose between having your attendees stream your content from a single channel and syndicating your content to multiple broadcast channels with a larger audience, which would you settle for? The Latter looks more attractive. And that’s why you shouldn’t settle for less when you can have more, right? 

With over 3 billion social media users, you can reach a global audience, enabling you to meet your business objectives throughout the year. To attain this, you need to leverage the Live Studio social streaming feature! It allows you to reach out to multiple audiences on social media while streaming from a single platform in real-time. By simply pasting the LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter source URLs, you can broadcast live on multiple channels!

Ensure that you are making the most of our audio-video solutions. Take advantage of the InEvent Live Studio social sharing for all your virtual events, webinars, and video conferences!

We have also dedicated time to deploy some fixes on the platform:

  • Fixed room cover upload on Activities dashboard.
  • Fixed Speakers section on Saros website template.
  • Fixed issue when sorting sections on the website settings page.
  • Fixed Live Studio audio issues for hosts and speakers.
  • Fixed Permission level picklist when adding new Users after changing accounts.
  • Fixed New event button not working after changing accounts.
  • Fixed text color on ticket invite Email.
  • Fixed Email Log pagination issue.
  • Fixed Group Rooms creation when using Native Websockets.
  • Fixed Sponsors dedicated page on Smartphones.
  • Fixed Live Studio audio issue for hosts and speakers.
  • Fixed Inbox not working on My Account, My Files and My Agenda.
  • Fixed Preview not working on older browsers on File Manager.
  • Fixed issue when starting a Live Studio stream with Classic layout.
  • Fixed Collapsed Networking tool on mobile devices.
  • Fixed Automatic Collapse detection when screen changes on Virtual Lobby.

Also, see some cool  additions to the platform:

  • Added Tool-free number for South Korea on Dial-in option.
  • Added Website on networking profile popup for Virtual Lobby.
  • Added Interprefy integration option for Audio Interpretation feature.
  • Added option to copy an activity feedback question to other activities.
  • Added Networking tab on Virtual Lobby for smartphones that contain the Networking and Group Rooms sections.
  • Added option to disable incoming video on Virtual Lobby for smartphones when on Group Rooms and Video Conferencing sessions.
  • Optimized Inbox user experience on Virtual Lobby for smartphones.
  • Optimized Device Configuration user experience on Virtual Lobby for smartphones.
  • Added LinkedIn Conversion Tracking for Registration Form and Purchase Form.
  • Added Twitter Events Manager pixel for Registration Form and Purchase Form with conversion.
  • Added Google Analytics tracking for Registration Form and Purchase Form conversion with Event Name value.
  • Added Enrollment Date on Event List dashboard page.

That is all for today. Hope you keep reaching your events and webinars goals this year! See you soon. 

Video Conferencing and Speed Networking Updates, Latest Fixes, and Additions!

Hello and welcome to another edition of InEvent News. We have exciting things to share with you today. Check out our latest updates:

Video Conferencing Recording Changes

Video calls are one of the most effective ways to stay connected with each other, especially because you can always record the content and use it for multiple purposes. Although, they are best enjoyed when the end-to-end communication is seamless and void of interruptions. Poor internet connectivity alongside other technical issues can lead to a host dropping from the video call, ultimately impacting the entire recording process of a session. In order to avoid such occurrence, InEvent has configured the video conferencing room mode to enable recording regardless of the host’s presence.

The Layout of the recording is dependent on the activity being performed. If only cameras are active, it’ll be a Gallery View type of recording. If you're sharing your screen, PDF or a video, the Focus Mixed type will be used. Note that this layout is not the same as that of the Control Room. In this layout, cameras are positioned on the left corner as a vertical grid.

Speed Networking Layout

InEvent is committed to provide you with the latest video technologies, so you can let go of outdated video conferencing solutions and embrace an all-in-one streaming software. The new Speed Networking layout promotes a more immersive environment to ease the random meetups you can promote in your virtual and hybrid events. The new animations, for example, display various personalities which signify togetherness in networking regardless of occupation and background. This thought-provoking message is reinforced by the sole purpose of events which is to bond and interact. The intent behind this upgrade is to make attendees feel relaxed and motivated to connect with each other.

Enough said…head over to the speed networking to see for yourself and relish the moment.

We have also dedicated time to deploy some fixes:

  • Fixed issue that the Email background color wouldn’t save correctly.
  • Fixed image distortion on Virtual Backgrounds for Virtual Lobby.
  • Fixed Virtual Backgrounds tool that was not disabling the feature when needed.
  • Fixed playback token on Audio Transcription Console.
  • Fixed issue with the Copy Event when Live Studio was enabled.
  • Fixed Form disclaimer widget on Registration Form. It was breaking if you had activities on form option enabled.
  • Fixed Form disclaimer widget on Purchase Form.
  • Fixed Polls settings buttons on Virtual Lobby.
  • Fixed issue on Live Studio that certain speakers couldn’t hear their co-hosts in certain situations.
  • Fixed Firebase Websocket chat quick connection with new splash loading for Virtual Lobby;

Here are some cool additions to the platform:

  • Added filter for Pending Submissions on Event Booking.
  • Added toll-free number for Dial-in option.
  • Added option to download your own certificate directly on My Account;
  • Added Salesforce duplication rule check in case it triggers while creating a new Lead or Contact.
  • Added option to open links on a new page when using Markdown for Headings. To use it, add {target=_blank} at the end of the Markdown link entry.
  • Now using native HLS library for static background videos on Virtual Lobby to reduce CPU usage.
  • Added automatic layout restore on Live Studio if the host has to refresh their page.
  • Added speakers stage status restore on Live Studio if the host has to refresh their page. Previously, all speakers were sent backstage once the host returned to the live stream.

That is all for today! I hope you keep achieving your goals for events and webinars this year and count on us to keep helping you to broadcast the best streaming content!

Dial in Sessions, Attendance Certificate and Live Studio Update

Hello and welcome to InEvent News! 

We have exciting news for you! There’s no better time to launch remarkable features than the holiday season!

Dial-in Sessions

Introducing the Dial-in feature! It enables participants to access events by dialing numbers using their mobile phones or even through Zoom Phone and Skype. Now you do not need to be connected to a network or have your computer with you to access a video session. 

You’ll agree that the future of virtual interactions entails instant connection, anywhere and anytime. By voice inputting the Session ID, followed by the Session PIN and your Name, you can unlock the access to all your events and meetings. So, whether you’re about to catch a flight or are on the road, you don’t have to worry about missing an important session at all. 

You definitely need an easier and more dynamic way to access your meetings, events, and conferences, make sure you are subscribed to our advanced or full plan and start dialing in!

Attendance Certificate

You can now award certificates to your attendees, so that they feel a sense of accomplishment after attending your webinars. Certifying your audience will provide them extra value from your sessions and will also help increasing your authority. 

This is also great for the companies adopting remote work and using InEvent to centralize their communication and collaboration. You can use these certificates to award your staff upon completing training and bootcamps. 

Customize certificates based on the available templates or by uploading directly from your library. Make the certificates even more personalized by tweaking the typography, font size, font color, page layout, background, and logo. You can also create and program emails to distribute the certificates to your attendees and staff!  This feature is also available for every subscription in the advanced or full plans.

Live Studio Option to Publish Questions

Here is an update you would not want to miss trying:

You can now publish questions from the audience, straight to your live stream, in real-time! The question will automatically be displayed as a Lower Third on the screen. Go Beyond simple video solutions and activate your brand in the most professional way possible!

That is all for today. Enjoy the holidays and stay tuned for more InEvent News soon!

Introducing InEvent Community Forum and more

Hello and welcome to InEvent News! How are you? We have exciting news and a special invite for you today. Come check it out:


As you already know, InEvent is committed to providing video technology solutions that aid human interactions and enable people to get connected across the globe. 

Introducing the InEvent Community! Think of it as a discussion forum where you can share and learn about video strategies for events, meetings, and remote lifestyles with InEventers and fellow event professionals. 

You can also consider it as a social question-and-answer platform where you can connect with various event and A/V professionals and the InEvent Team. It is also a good environment to give reviews on the features and suggest areas for improvement.

Here’s the best part! The InEvent Community offers tips and tricks that are helpful for you to make the best use of the platform and create successful events all year long. 

Be the first to know about upcoming video technology solutions that are yet to be released and event strategies! You don’t need an active subscription to connect with people and interact on the platform.

Join and explore our new discussions forum and connect with a community of users and InEventers!

Join Now

Big Emojis

Have you ever thought of better ways to animate your virtual lobby chat and make texting more expressive? By Leveraging a variety of cool emojis that the platform has to offer, you can scale up your engagement at a snap of your fingers!

Using the emojis on the platform will help set the right tone for your meetings and events, enabling a more fun environment for interaction. 

It yields more effective communication and an efficient way to pick up non verbal cues, as you may not be able to read the facial expressions of attendees that are not on stage. 

This impacts positively on your attendees’ experience and represents their emotive expressions in the best way possible! And yes, you will find all your favorites emojis in there ;)

Retention Rate Tracker

This one is great for companies that are trying to avoid the Great Resignation bringing innovation to the workplace turning their meetings into events. This feature will help you tracking the retention of important and mandatory virtual meetings and webinars.

You can also now get an Event Full Report on the Event details dashboard page. This report contains all sessions your users visited, all sponsors they visited, all comments they sent, all questions they made, all polls they answered and all files they downloaded. These features will really help skyrocketing your remote work and virtual offices' productivity! 

That is all for today. Stay tuned and come back for more InEvent News soon!

Introducing InEvent Live Studio

Hello there, how are you?

Welcome to InEvent News! Today, we would like to introduce you to a new release that will open a lot of possibilities for your company! Come check it out.

We truly believe that the future of communication will be video-based. In fact, it already is. The adoption of video is growing rapidly with more companies digitizing their workplace and implementing video-first solutions to their daily activities. 

Our clients are going beyond with their subscription and applying our virtual events technology to their team meetings, client-facing meetings, and boot camp training, just to name a few. The corporate events are becoming more sophisticated as users are getting accustomed to virtual platforms and the demand for premium solutions is increasing. For that, we have also gone beyond and released our own Live Studio

The InEvent Live Studio is a professional studio with state-of-the-art technology that enables you to recreate a TV-like experience for the most demanding and sophisticated streams you need to broadcast. You can now add animations, lower third texts, subtitle presets, chyrons, and custom backgrounds with the Live Studio

This feature was created to enable you to go beyond the traditional video tools out there and make sure your team does not get fatigued with the daily series of video calls that comes with the remote work package. The Live Studio will also raise the production value of your corporate events, allowing you to justify ticket prices, sponsor’s ROI, and really impress your leads and clients!

I also want to let you know that we have  dedicated time to deploy fixes on the recently released Virtual Backgrounds feature:

  • Fixed issue that the Email background color wouldn’t save correctly;
  • Fixed image distortion on Virtual Backgrounds for Virtual Lobby;
  • Fixed Virtual Backgrounds tool that was not disabling the feature when needed.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoy using  the new Live Studio and that it helps engaging your team and achieving your corporate events goals. See you soon with some more fresh news!

Developer's Guide and New Integrations Page

Hello there, how are you? Welcome to the latest InEvent News!

You know that our platform is made for you to be able to personalize your experience the way you want, right? Our whitelabel nature allows you to use your own branding and we are open to many integrations. Now we went beyond and launched a Developer’s Guide to help you use our API and personalize your event to the fullest. Check this out! 

We have also released a new page, listing all the integrations we have out-of-the-box in the platform. You can really enhance the level of control and push forward to achieve your event goals by connecting the InEvent platform with CRMs, Marketing automation tools, analytics and others. Check out the complete list of integrations here!

Furthermore, we have added an option to include the end time of an event’s session. This was something that we caught on based on feedback from our users. Now it's easier for the attendees to manage their agendas, especially for events with multiple sessions happening at the same time.  

We also fixed some issues to make your experience more pleasing and enjoyable. Have a look at the list below:

That is all for today. Stay tuned and come back for more InEvent News soon! 

New Help Center, Virtual Backgrounds and HubSpot Integration

Hello there, welcome to InEvent News!

Our product team has some exciting new features to share today!

You already know that InEvent is constantly improving the platform to serve our customers better, right? That's why we just released the New Help Center on the platform. Now, it's even easier to find the customer support options and clear your doubts about our platform. In a single dashboard, you can contact your project manager, sales account manager or send a message to our support chat. That's awesome, right? 

Our customers asked, and we just released Virtual Backgrounds in the Virtual Lobby. Now you can change the speakers' backgrounds for your events and meetings and make your video-driven experience even more interactive. The current options are blur, beach, and office. And stay tuned because more options are coming soon. 

Do you use HubSpot and are thinking about how easy your event management would be if it had a HubSpot Integration on our platform? Well, now it's possible! You can import, and export leads manually. Hubspot integration is available on the full plan.

Apart from the above updates, we fixed some issues to make your experience more pleasing and enjoyable. Have a look at the list below:

  • Fixed Email Lists halting when Salesforce Integration failed due to a constraint on a campaign;
  • Fixed Activity Days not matching for specific time zones on Virtual Lobby, My Agenda, and Schedule Dashboard;
  • Fixed Attendees Report that would get old answers on custom fields on particular scenarios;
  • Fixed issue when loading Landing Page dashboard files on Europe Servers. 

That is all for today. Stay tuned and come back for more InEvent News soon!

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