Technical enhancements and a Spoiler

Hey there guys, how are you? We got some updates for you today and a spoiler of whats coming up very soon! This week, we focused more on technical enhancements and on building another innovative tool for you!

Come check out:


Oftentimes when we use technologies we just get caught up in the design and the user experience of the front-end, that we forget about all the technical aspects that come behind it all. This week we dedicated time to work on things that appear more “behind the scenes” but that will make your experience better. 

We added an automatic lag correction on Simulated Lives, we have also improved the chat loading when there are too many messages being sent at the same time or when a session has over 100 messages, and we added a lock to allow only a single connection per language on the Live Translation console. Also, we have enabled a refund policy option to allow refunds up to one day prior to the event.


Other than these new releases, we have also polished the machine and fixed up a few things for you. We fixed issues with the layout transition on focused mixed while using Tokbox and not screen sharing, and with social media buttons on the email creator.  We have also fixed the problem with the conversion button for Live Recordings and an interface bug  when applying  follow up sessions on the schedule dashboard. 


Despite being a very technical week of deployments for us, we could not help ourselves and also had to innovate and build new great things. This is still in soft launch, but perhaps some of you guys already have access to this:

Official launching and more details coming soon…

Hope you are reaching your goals with events and that our technology is helping you to build amazing experiences! 

Stay connected and come again for more updates next week! 

Backstage Area, Follow-up Sessions and more

Hello dear InEvent user, I hope all is well with you today! We got some cool new updates to share with you today. There is a brand new backstage functionality for virtual events, there are new capabilities for making sure your audience attends the right flow of events and more!

Come check it out:


We know how crucial it is to conduct a dry run with your presenters before the event to mitigate risks, but we know that some issues just happen live and we need to be prepared for that. Thinking about that option, and also to enhance the experience giving you more tools to organize your activities, we created a backstage room inside the streaming session. Now you can add a speaker to a backstage room, where you will still be able to see them  on the video (and they will be able to watch the session), but the attendees won’t see this speaker. You can add and remove them anytime you want during the session. So, if there is any issue with a speaker you can quickly send them to your backstage or you can have them all lined up inside the backstage area prior to the event and pull them in as it goes. That way you are not dependent on them to join the session, you can summon them yourselves. 

How cool is that?!

Also, you guys know that we, not only listen to, but really encourage you to share your feedback and requests with us. This week we deployed something that many of you have been asking for - a follow up chain of sessions. The way it works is that you can pre-configure a follow up session for your activity and move everyone to this follow up session with just a click of a button! This way you guarantee that your attendees at least enter the right room and do not miss anything activity scheduled in your event!

We are going to get a little bit more technical to talk about this next release, but it will make it simpler for a lot of users! We now have a low latency RTMP endpoint for users that do not have the most reliable connection. This endpoint uses AWS IVS, which is a structure used by the most robust streaming services out there, like So,  If you have a customer that complains about buffering issues using Mux, they can now use this alternative endpoint that is more reliable. We will have this endpoint for the Control Room in the future as well.

Last but not least, we have also enhanced our tracking capabilities from UTMs by adding the option to track users pending on Purchase Form, to automatically add converted leads from a link to a Custom List and a track follow for UTM Tracking links. Finally, we also deployed a very handy option for you to create a Speaker from a new Person added to the event.


Other than these new features we developed, we have also invested some time this week to polish a few things up.

On the Virtual Lobby we fixed the extra space on Full HD 20+ inches screens, the text overflow when using big headlines, a counting issue with excel reports, the chat opacity animation and also a problem with the fullscreen button on the video player.

On our integrations we fixed a Marketo sync with Custom Lists and an empty status issue when syncing users. With Tokbox we fixed a layout issue with Live Stream. Finally, on we fixed an issue that would maintain the gallery view layout when transitioning Video Conferencing sessions to Control Room

That is all for today, folks! I hope you are achieving your event goals with the help of our platform and that you keep sending us feedback and suggestions.

Stay tuned and come again for more updates next week!

Native file screen sharing mode, automated feedback form and more

Hi there, how are you? InEvent has some new updates for you today! We built a native screen sharing mode that will be very helpful for your presenters and seamless to your attendees. We have also created an easier way to get feedback from your event and other updates and fixes that will enhance your experience with us.

Come check it out:


We all know that feedback is very important to understand how your actions are perceived by the others. We believe that for events, feedback is one of the most important tools to use on an event's pre and post production stages, and specially during the event itself. It is very crucial that you apply the lessons learned from one event to the next to guarantee you are always improving and creating experiences people enjoy. In order to make sure you get feedback from your attendees, we released an option to add a rate your experience popup feedback form right after a session ends on your Virtual Lobby. Now your attendees don't have to browse through other areas of your event to leave their feedback, it can be right there in front of them. 

We have also released a very cool feature to our Virtual Control Room. Now you are able to use our native file-sharing capabilities to share documents, images, audios and videos on your screen without having to open another window or tab. So, if you have a file on your computer that you want to use in your presentation, there is no need to upload it to a cloud or have it opened on another program to display it to your audience. You can do that directly through your platform. You can even stop and play media files or scroll through the slides and pages of a presentation on the same screen that you are broadcasting. How handy is that?!

This feature is also available for the sponsor sessions as well. Also, now your sponsors can have the permission to insert their files directly to the Virtual Lobby for their branding and ads, and we created a pre-recorded content toggle for sponsor's booths on the Classic layout.

Furthermore, we have released some additions to the interface to improve the overall experience with the platform. We created a button to cancel Meetings after it was created in the Virtual Lobby and an  alert icon for new incoming questions in the Virtual Lobby as well. Also on the lobby, you now have the option to delete files directly there and the chat has a reverse scroll now to load previous messages.  


Other than these new releases described up there, we also deployed some fixes on the platform. The SDK integration with Paypal had an issue that is now resolved, and also a small error with the Purchase Form that happened when it was submitted without Address Line. We have also fixed the issues with editing certain custom fields on the Attendees page, and one that admins could not see a Sponsor description when it was set as invisible. 

That is all for today! I hope you guys like the new features we released and that your events are being successful using our technology! Keep sending us feedback and reviewing us online, so we know exactly what to create for you.

We hope you stay connected with us and come again for more updates soon!

Link Tracking feature, News Feed sticky popup on the navigation bar and optimized the Marketo integration

Hi friends, how are you doing today? We have created some nice things recently that we want to share with you. You can now track your conversion at InEvent to optimize your marketing strategies, we also improved the newsfeed navigation and the integrations with our partners.

Come check it out:


We are a data-driven company. Most of our planning decisions come from market intelligence and also from structuring feedback from you guys. We promote this mindset in our platform as well through the analytics and reports, but now we have a new addition for that. We enabled a Link Tracking feature to track clicks and conversions from any URL in your event. This is extremely useful for you to get structured data on your attendees and use it on your post-event SWOT analysis and marketing campaigns. 


There are some new updates for the video settings as well. We have created a pre-recorded iframe camera and microphone policy to use these devices on the platform in compliance and added support for transcription when using RTMP directly. On the admin side, we enabled the removal of a person from an Activity they are currently watching and the permission for sponsors to manage the people viewing / presenting on their booths and finally, we automated the recording retrieval for Endpoint B.


Last but not least, we optimized some journeys to enhance your experience using our platform. We added a News Feed popup on the top bar of the screen that works during the sessions as well, also the option to set a default value on any form  including the custom fields. We have enabled the option to delete old push notifications, optimized the capabilities of importing a spreadsheet from excel for larger files and implemented better error logs. 



Besides all these new features we deployed for you, we have also worked on fixing some issues and making sure you have the best possible experience to create your dream virtual and hybrid event. 

In regards to our integrations, we fixed an issue on the Salesforce custom fields that ignored values on plain text fields, the Marketo custom fields and attendees that were added before deploying the integration, the Tokbox failover stream and Test Your Connection last step, also the mic audio slider that was not working on the device preview mode using Tokbox. Furthermore, now all the RTMP endpoints now have transcription support.  

For the admins, we fixed the due date on the invoice generator, the email tag when calculating the bounce rate, the layout for the form submissions, the social media handle for your custom websites, the issues when viewing plain text fields with large content, the telephone country area code when it is not given by the user is +1 US is now by default, and also on the meetings section when users you are meeting are actually removed from the event.

Finally we have also fixed some issues on the Virtual Lobby. There was an error with the analytics that occurred while an user was viewing it in French and a visibility issue for private users. Here is a list of CSS issues that were also fixed:

  • The tag search didn't have a scrollbar;
  • The bottom menu overlapped the chat text field on mobile devices;
  • The Group Rooms didn't have a scrollbar on fullscreen mode.

Most of these updates come from you guys and all of them are for you! Keep sending us feedback and reviewing us online, so we know exactly what to create for you. 

We hope you stay connected with us and come again for more updates soon!

Video background blur, automatic live streaming layout and more

Hello InEvent user, how is it going? We have some nice updates for you today! Now you can use a blur effect on the background of your video. We also have a very handy new automatic layout option for your live streams and many updates that will enhance your experience with us.

Come check it out:


Some of you guys have been talking to us about being able to do something with the background of your videos. We know that in times of home office, it’s not always possible to have a very differentiated setup. In fact, oftentimes is better to just be safe and have it blurred. That is exactly what InEvent allows you to do now. We enabled a blur effect that you can add to your video and just play safe!

Check it out how smooth it looks:

That is not all! We also implemented a useful new automatic layout option for your live streams. If you select this option, the platform will fit all the presenters on the screen in the best way possible depending on the size of your screen and how many people are there. You can still select the layout you want to use, but if you want the system to do that for you, all you gotta do is click a button! Another cool thing we added to the Control Room is the option to upload an image for the stream player when the screen is idle.

Furthermore, we did plenty of optimizations recently that will help your journey building an event with InEvent to be as swift as possible. We created more options for you to set the rules for joining sessions in your virtual or hybrid events and also enabled an invite button for inviting users to join a session, instead of having to create a new user when inviting them. We also increased the capabilities of running bulk operations for importing tickets to your event or a spreadsheet of waitlist contacts.

On the Virtual Lobby, we added the option to display sponsor booths randomly so you can have a fair and square division of attention between them if you want to. We also added extra sponsor details for their booth and the option to translate a sponsor's bio to multiple languages. We optimized the Virtual Lobby page view on iOS devices and created placeholders for:

We have news regarding our integrated partners as well. We enabled the integration for the Salesforce Campaign Member Status and improved the resolution for the Tokbox Screen Sharing mode, also inserting an alert popup when someone changes from a pinned stream while sharing the screen. 

Last, but not least, there are optimizations on the messaging as well. We created URL support for the inbox chat and the push notifications, so you can allow people in your event to share links through those channels. Also, we implemented Instant messaging for the chat messages sent from the InEvent Mobile App


Other than these new features, we have also released some fixes to the platform. There was a CSS issue with the menu bar buttons on the Attendees page for smaller screens. We also fixed the duplicated form submissions when changing results, the integration for the Salesforce custom field picklist,  and the calendar link that goes on the emails sent through the platform. We fixed the stretched images on the meetings popup and the test your connection tool to work with Tokbox as well. Finally there were some minor backslashes showing up for certain session titles on the lobby that are now fixed for good.

Many of these updates come from you guys and all of them are for you! Keep sending us feedbacks and reviewing us online, so we know exactly what to create for you. 

We hope you stay connected with us and come again for more updates soon!

Video Conferencing UI optimizations, enhancements on the Salesforce integration and Sponsors interaction.

Hey there, how are you? We have some cool updates to share with you today. We improved the interface for the WebRTC videos, we also enabled the Sponsor's chat to save all the messages and more!

Come check it out: 


In times of home office and virtual events, who can say that never experienced a situation where someone (might have been you!) talking on the camera with the microphone turned off without noticing? Don't worry, we all have! But in order to prevent that from happening to you, we inserted an icon to indicate when muted is selected, right next to the name label on WebRTC videos

We have also inserted a Video Connection is Unstable label when a video is disabled on WebRTC due to bad internet connection

We have updates for the Forms as well. We implemented a ticket setting tool on the Registration Form page to help you sell more tickets for your paid events and also integrated a phone block tool on the Purchase Form. On the integrations side, we added the option to select specific fields for Contact and Lead  on the Salesforce connector.

Last but not least, we optimized the Sponsor Booths adding a persistent chat for saving messages. So, if someone leaves the room and re enters or just joins the room after the session started, this person now will be able to read all the previous messages sent on the chat. The sponsors are also able to retrieve and export these messages even after the event is over, to capture useful information on their leads. 


Furthermore, on top of these new features listed above, we also polished the platform a bit by fixing some issues. We removed the MiddleName variable on the Marketo connector, the Control Room label after a presenter joined a session and the Waiting for Broadcast label that remained on display when broadcasting started for Video Conferencing on Tokbox.

We fixed the issues with cropping an event's cover on My Account & other pages, with the News Feed toggle button located on the top bar, with loading a landing page using the platform on the company level, with the redirection of activity feedback forms, with the ticket removal issue when assigning tickets to sponsors and with the broadcast stop issues on

Finally, there was a minor CSS issue with Tokbox that is now fixed and we reset the Stripe ticket SKU when moving from test to prod accounts. This fixes the mismatch environment error messages.

We are working hard everyday to continue helping you create your dream event! Keep sending us feedback and reviewing us online, it is really important to know what you guys need, to build it for you!

Stay connected and come again for more updates soon!