2023 InEvent Platform Recap: Highlights, Upgrades, and Future Outlook

Hi, everyone. It’s almost Christmas time, right? Before going to the holidays, we want to recap the updates we had on our platform in 2023. The new year is already on its way, and we can’t embark on this new adventure without checking out what 2023 looks like. Ready? Come with us!

Transforming Virtual Lobby Accessibility 

Since the comfort and satisfaction of your attendees are our priority, this year, we optimized the Virtual Lobby to provide options for attendees who have hearing difficulties and are visually impaired. Now, the possibilities are to Mute Sounds and increase Font Size for the visually impaired.

New In-Person Event Housing Solutions: Room list, Luggage control, and More

This year, we had an important upgrade in our platform, and now we can empower our attendees to customize their room service by allowing them to choose their roommates and book their rooms from your website. 

Our housing management software will enable you to manage bookings from their profile on your event’s page or mobile app. You don’t need to ask the hotel management for information on your guests because the platform lets you access, organize, and monitor them in real time without delay.

Also, we have optimized the mobile app to update attendees on the event, wherever they may be—at the train station, airport, or in the comfort of their rooms. More so, attendees can easily access detailed information on the hotel name, room number and description, capacity, media files, and guest list. They can access all of this crucial information through the mobile app.

Lastly, you can track thousands of bags in minutes using the pre-printed tags and QR codes you distribute to your attendees. You can continuously monitor the status of their luggage in real-time on the mobile staff inventory. With InEvent Pass, you can easily support all your guests’ luggage during check-in and check-out operations. It helps to quickly identify missing bags or bags that have been mixed up.

InEvent X ChatGPT Integration

This year, we had the thrilling news of emerging as the first event platform to integrate with ChatGPT. The integration stood out as a historic moment for the event industry. You can automate all your event communications with the world’s most advanced conversational AI.

Using the new integration, you can send invitation emails easily without stressing over how to structure your content. Besides that, ChatGPT can generate Interactive text for your Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes, Virtual Lobby, and landing pages.

Regarding the content of your event, you can use the ChatGPT integration to automatically generate error-free content, including reports and data analytics, saving a great deal of your time in drafting and editing your text. 

Finally, you can leverage your event planning process by unlocking the potential of Event Tech with our fast and reliable Chat GPT integration that offers natural communication that aligns with your event communication strategies.

New InEvent Live Studio Custom CSS Elements

With this latest update, users can enhance their live broadcasts with even more customization options by leveraging the powerful Live Studio Custom CSS element. This new feature allows you to take complete control over the visual presentation of your content, enabling you to tailor various aspects to match your branding and design preferences.

This level of customization empowers you to tailor the appearance of your event content, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your branding and enhances overall engagement. The new Live Studio Custom CSS element feature opens up endless possibilities for creating captivating and visually stunning event presentations.

 InEvent Teams Up with Microsoft

In 2023, we managed to launch our integration with Microsoft, which has enhanced user capabilities, like the possibility to sync event schedules and details directly from InEvent to Outlook and Microsoft Calendar using AI-enabled syncing capabilities. Now, you can enjoy the chance to enable live streaming and video calling directly from within InEvent events and sessions, and the content-sharing capabilities allow InEvent session recordings, materials, and news to be posted to Microsoft Teams channels and more.

InEvent’s partnership with Microsoft has opened up new possibilities for event organizers to deliver exceptional virtual and hybrid experiences. With AI-powered syncing, live streaming, content sharing, and single sign-on access, InEvent’s all-in-one event management platform is now more powerful than ever.

InEvent’s New Website Builder

Last but not least, we released our brand new Website Builder feature in the previous quarter of the year. Using our Website Builder, you can create professional-looking websites quickly and easily without hiring a web developer or possessing extensive technical skills.. It simplifies building and maintaining a website, making it accessible to a broader range of users.

Event website customization is crucial to creating a unique and impactful online presence for your event. Customizing your event website allows you to showcase your brand, highlight key event details, and create an immersive experience for your attendees.

Our Website Builder tool will guarantee you the gratification of constructing visually stunning and contemporary event websites without the requirement of coding a single line. Take advantage of a wide range of templates, themes, and pre-designed layouts that users can choose from as a starting point for their website.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, 2023 has been an exciting journey for the InEvent platform, filled with numerous enhancements and innovations that have elevated the event management experience to new heights.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we look forward to a new year filled with even more opportunities to innovate and enhance your event experiences. We thank our valued users for being a part of this incredible journey and our community. We can’t wait to see what the future holds in 2024. 

We wish you all a joyful holiday season and a prosperous new year. Thank you for choosing InEvent as your event management partner.





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