New Help Center, Virtual Backgrounds and HubSpot Integration

Hello there, welcome to InEvent News!

Our product team has some exciting new features to share today!

You already know that InEvent is constantly improving the platform to serve our customers better, right? That's why we just released the New Help Center on the platform. Now, it's even easier to find the customer support options and clear your doubts about our platform. In a single dashboard, you can contact your project manager, sales account manager or send a message to our support chat. That's awesome, right? 

Our customers asked, and we just released Virtual Backgrounds in the Virtual Lobby. Now you can change the speakers' backgrounds for your events and meetings and make your video-driven experience even more interactive. The current options are blur, beach, and office. And stay tuned because more options are coming soon. 

Do you use HubSpot and are thinking about how easy your event management would be if it had a HubSpot Integration on our platform? Well, now it's possible! You can import, and export leads manually. Hubspot integration is available on the full plan.

Apart from the above updates, we fixed some issues to make your experience more pleasing and enjoyable. Have a look at the list below:

  • Fixed Email Lists halting when Salesforce Integration failed due to a constraint on a campaign;
  • Fixed Activity Days not matching for specific time zones on Virtual Lobby, My Agenda, and Schedule Dashboard;
  • Fixed Attendees Report that would get old answers on custom fields on particular scenarios;
  • Fixed issue when loading Landing Page dashboard files on Europe Servers. 

That is all for today. Stay tuned and come back for more InEvent News soon!

Feedback Questionnaire for Sponsors and Private Chat

Hello there, welcome to InEvent News!

If you are a frequent reader, you may already know that InEvent is the perfect solution for B2B companies that host multiple events throughout the year. Thinking about that, I have some new changes to introduce you to our billing model:

  • Cap of up to 40% per event of your subscription size.

For all new customers signing their subscriptions with InEvent, we are implementing a new lock on the platform to prevent single alone large events. That means no single event can represent more than 40% of your subscription volume. If so, the platform will automatically lock new registrations on that event. 

  • Minimum of 100 registration multiples when buying upsells.

The calculator and the invoice will be limited to a number that is a multiple of 100 when purchasing new registration to your current subscriptions.

For example: 100, 300, 4000. Numbers that do not end with the 00s, such as 320 or 17, are no longer valid.

Our product team also has some exciting new features to share today! 😁

Are you looking forward to delivering a good experience for the sponsors of your event? Now it’s possible to add a feedback questionnaire for sponsors so they can rate their experience. You can send the feedback questionnaire through email or social media. After the session is over, you can collect their feedback and analyze which gaps you should improve to get a better experience. 

Now it’s possible to talk privately with the presenters, either on Activity or Sponsor sessions. And your staff team does not even have to be presenting to access these chats. Admins, Staff, Sponsor Workers (on sponsor booths), Room Owners also have access to the private chat.

Apart from the above updates, we fixed some issues to make your experience more pleasing and enjoyable. Have a look at the list below:

  • Fixed duplicated tooltip names on networking for Virtual Lobby;
  • Fixed issue on Control Room when using Tokbox that would show hidden streams for a brief second when sharing and unsharing screen;
  • Fixed Automatic layout issue on Control Room when using Tokbox;
  • Fixed issue on Networking Roulette that wouldn’t allow users to match when Profile Lock tool was enabled;

That is all for today. Stay tuned and come back for more InEvent News soon! 

Check out our brand-new attendance tracking and network roulette features.

Hello there, welcome to InEvent News!

Today I have some fantastic features to introduce to you. Are you ready for it? 😁

InEvent launched a brand-new attendance tracking feature. If you ever wondered if your attendees are engaged in your event or not, now you can know for sure. 

This feature automatically generates pop-ups asking whether the attendee is still there and requires the attendee to click to prove that they are. It allows organizations to accurately measure the completion of Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) at virtual courses and seminars so that professionals can earn their credit hours. The attendance tracking system also includes detailed analytics and reporting. Attendance tracking reports provide information on each attendee for a specific session or activity, the date and time of each session, the entry/exit times, the duration of viewing, and the computed units. 🚀

And the good news is not over. We also want to introduce you to network roulette.

One of the most exciting things about being part of an event is to have networked with different people, right? Thinking about it, InEvent has launched the networking roulette. 

This feature allows your attendees to connect on 1:1 meetings randomly in the Virtual Lobby. It can be an excellent opportunity for your delegates to get to know each other in a video chat, allowing them to network during the event. While managing the event, you can configure the duration of the meetings on the Networking Roulette or leave it undetermined; When the timer is over, the users will go back to the roulette lobby. That's amazing, right? Your attendees will love it.

Apart from the above updates, we fixed some issues to make your experience more pleasing and enjoyable. Have a look at the list below:

  • Fixed distorted images on people tab for Virtual Lobby session;
  • Fixed chat opening issue on Classic layout for Virtual Lobby;
  • Fixed word break on Notifications for Virtual Lobby;
  • Fixed escaped character on the move to following session popup for Virtual Lobby;
  • Fixed Online People counter on Analytics Dashboard;
  • Fixed issue on agenda restrictions for My Agenda page.

That is all for today. Stay tuned and come back for more InEvent News soon! 

Check Out the Updates on My Agenda and the Event's Cover

Hello there, 

Welcome to InEvent News! Here you can find the latest features launched by InEvent. 

We have some exciting news for you. Are you ready?

As an experienced InEvent platform expert, you know it is possible to create tags for Attendees, Speakers, Sponsors, and Activities and categorize them. And now, with our fresh new update, your attendees can filter by tag elements on My Agenda. This new feature will help you manage your schedule in a very efficient way. It will also make it easy for your attendees to understand the subject or objective of each activity on My Agenda. 😄

When managing a virtual event, you must ensure that our attendees know the right time not to miss any session. However, they might be confused if they are in a different timezone 😬 Thinking about this, we added timezone information on the event cover. With this feature, your attendee can be clear about the right time of the event and appreciate each moment of the experience. 😄

Apart from the above updates, we fixed some issues to make your experience more pleasing and enjoyable. Have a look at the list below:

  • Fixed Push Notification when using the Native WebSockets;
  • Fixed UTM conversion issue when a user doesn’t exist in the platform on public custom forms;
  • Fixed issue that the payment details wouldn’t show up when using Stripe;
  • Fixed date and time format on Callisto Website template. 

That is all for today. Stay tuned and come back for more InEvent News soon! 

More accessibility tools for your events.

Hello there, how are you? Welcome to another week of news from InEvent! Today we have fresh new updates on accessibility to share with you.

Come check it out.


Here at InEvent we want companies to spread their video messages and experiences to as many people as they can. Therefore, accessibility is one of our top priorities. 

One popular accessibility feature among our users, allows them to broadcast an event into multiple languages channels at the same time, including sign language.  Now it is possible to add a new permission level as interpreter; that way, an interpreter of your event no longer has to be signed as a speaker or sponsor anymore, which allows you to better manage these providers.  

On the same note, we have updated every Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to make sure our platform will be in compliance when the latest resolution comes out. For that, we have inserted over 50 modal voice dialogs for visually impaired users navigating through the “tab” key.

We also fixed some issues on the platform so your experience could be even better.


We have fixed the Event Booking Form which allows the system to create your event directly based on this form responses. We have also fixed an issue when admins would move viewers to a session that had a different video mode on and also fixed layout issues on the Summary page and Group Rooms using mobile clients.

That is all for today. I hope you are meeting your event goals this year. Stay tuned and come back for more news soon! Thank you.

Customizable feedback pop-up and ticket management enhancements

Hello, how are you doing today? We have fresh news to share with you. There are new capabilities for you to customize your event interactive experiences and to manage tickets. We have also fixed a few issues.

Come check it out:


Two very important things for us at InEvent are getting feedback and enabling our clients to customize their experience as they wish. For that, we have enhanced our feedback popup feature to be fully customizable.

That means that now you can create any question you want to send to your attendees or program it to pop up on the screen right after a session of your event is over. This is really useful to encourage your attendees to leave their feedback to a specific session, or to the entire event. 

We have also deployed new capabilities to our Ticket Management. Now, you can block attendees from purchasing tickets to your events when the registration is over. And, also, you can enable ticket invitees to return their tickets to the original purchaser.

Finally, we have added optimized the layout for iPadOS  and improved the overall look and feel experience on all mobile devices when using the Neo Layout on the Virtual Lobby.


Other than these new developments, we have dedicated time to fix some issues on the platform. On the Virtual Lobby, we have fixed issues with  region support that was showing up all devices connected instead of unique users. With the Sponsor visibility issues that caused sponsor admins and hosts to not being able to view their room settings. And, some layout issues with mobile phone and iPad clients. 

We have worked on our Video Control Room, fixing issues with Low Latency streams when using a custom domain. With presenters that would remain on the list even after turned into viewers when using Video Conferencing with as WebRTC provider. And, finally, with the presenter position on Tokbox when using Group Rooms or Video Conferencing. 

That is all for today, I hope you are meeting your goals with events this year and keep sharing your feedback and needs with us. Stay tuned and come back soon for more updates! See you. 

Native WebSocket Protocols

Hello! Hope you are doing well today. We have some updates to share with you. There are new capabilities for you to bring your events to new markets and more.

Come check it out:


Following up on our latest developments, and keeping up with our mission, we have implemented native WebSockets protocols that will allow clients from countries with IP restrictions, such as China, to be able to attend your Virtual Events

As the image illustrates, you just need to go on Tools and select Yes to enable our Native WebSockets to your streamings. The feature has the beta tag since we are still watching it closely, but it is fully tested and operational. Make sure you report any unusual behavior, but you are good to expand your events to new markets now!

We have also dedicated time to improve our latest Geolocation map feature by adding Region to the query and better time accuracy for the new login detected notification email.


Other than these new features, we have also fixed some issues in the platform. We fixed a problem with the Real-Time Geo Location map when the Virtual Lobby was empty and a text-overflow issue on chat and headlines, also on the VL.

We have also deployed improvements to our integration with Salesforce, fixing a query issue when using the HasOptedOutOfEmail field enabled and with syncing the Phone field. 

That is all for today, folks! I hope you are reaching your goals with events this year and that you keep sending us feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned and come back again for more news soon. Thank you!

Global Map Live Analytics

Hello! Welcome to another week of updates from InEvent. Today we have some fresh news for you in regards to our analytics. 

Come check it out:


Two of our pillars at InEvent are: to be data driven and to provide global solutions. Not only is our company global, with InEventers spread all around the world, but many of our clients are multinational companies hosting global events. For that reason, we have deployed a very nice feature to help tracking how far your global events are reaching and, also, to be able to know where your attendees are located in real time.

This is extremely important to help you understand if your goals for each country have been reached. Also, to analyze possible expansion opportunities to other countries as well. We already made it possible for you to have the same event interpreted in every language out there simultaneously and we also have the EventMarket to help you localize your global efforts. Now it's up to you to use our tools to go conquer the world!


Other than this new feature, we have also dedicated time to address a few issues. On the Virtual Lobby we fixed the delete on Files, we also had a problem with the translation popup that would not appear in certain languages, and finally the fullscreen button on the video player. Nonetheless, there was few issues in our integration with Marketo with the ID AUTHthat is now fixed.

We hope you keep meeting your goals for events this year! Stay tuned and come back for more updates soon!

Video on-demand Analytics and My Agenda new capabilities

Hello, how are you? We got some fresh news to share with you today. The platform now has new analytical capabilities and more options to organize your agenda. 

Come check it out:


One of the best ways of taking full advantage of what our platform has to offer is to turn your virtual events into on-demand video content. This is a great way to reach a greater audience and for monetization. Our platform is already built to allow you to do that, but now we have increased the level of analytical data you can get by creating an option to view the percentage of time a session was watched live vs. on-demand.


On Watch %, the green bar refers to the time a certain session was watched during the date and time set for the Activity and the yellow bar refers to the time it was watched after that. The Live watch time reflects the green bar, or the time the user watched during the live streaming. This example shows a video session that lasted around 90 minutes, and you can see users that did not stay for the entire duration of it and a user that only watched the content on-demand. This can be really useful for you to measure the results on both and build the best strategy for your events.

Following up on last week’s release of the calendar invite, we have enhanced this feature by adding an option to split the calendar.ics file into multiple events (one per activity). We have also added data-speaker-id and data-sponsor-id HTML tags, auto-refresh on interactive activities (Polls, Questions, Chat) and an option for admins to be able to enable or disable the Polls, all on My Agenda.


Other than these new capabilities we have also deployed a fix for two issues on the Virtual Lobby:

  • When changing the Video Mode of a certain session and the follow up session was on Control Room with an active live stream, there was a big chance that the live stream for the second session would stop silently. Now, this issue is fixed, and this should not happen.
  • When moving people from one session to another, occasionally, it would move people from other sessions to the selected one as well. This issue is also fixed, and this should not happen.

That is all for today. I hope you keep reaching your goals for events this year with us and stay tuned for more news soon. Thank you!

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